Mexican Independence Day Essay

One of the most important celebrations in Mexico is Independence Day - Mexican Independence Day Essay introduction. Our commander in chief, the president of the nation, orders our forces: marines, army, police, and the air force to organize a mega event every September 16th, this is a holiday everybody enjoys. Streets, houses, buildings and cars are decorated everywhere in the country. On every street corner there are vendors selling flags, balloons, sombreros and rehiletes -shuttlecock, all with the green, white and red, our National Colors.

Food is always a very important part of these festivities. Literarily hundreds of stands are set up several days before and offer the traditional antojitos, most aptly described as a variety of finger foods, Mexican candies, and punch. Ponche is a drink made of fruits that are in season: guavas, sugarcane, raisins and apples. Lighted decorations are set up in every city, the most spectacular being those of the Zocalo, main plaza, in Mexico City. This main plaza of every town and city is the place where the great 16 De Septiembre celebrations take place.

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People of all ages come to this fiesta, to take part in the collective gaiety! On the previous day, there is a special ceremony which takes place at the national palace and at 12 o’clock the president goes to the balcony and 200,000 people cheer him. Then he honors every national hero and the crowd standing on the Zocalo exclaims ?viva?. When the ceremony ends the sky lights up with multicolored fireworks, which show every single Mexican the pride of knowing that they are a free and an independent nation.

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