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The world and destiny sometimes is being supportive to some individuals, who are trying to adjust a better place in it - Mice chocolate Essay introduction. Some times an individual tries to build conformity, however such conformity is not always acceptable in some environments due to many reasons.


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Everyone in Jerry school agree to complete the assignment in time to stay away from the trouble.  Jerry’s refusal towards the assignment is based on his disgust of the Vigil’s cruelty, the book details readers about his strength and weakness.  In Mice and Men strength and weakness are pictured in a more physical way with a lack of control and crisis. Despite physical strength, George, the smaller friend is stronger than Lenny. After all he’s the one who has been protecting Lenny all along. Lenny has to depend on him, as he has to make his dream into reality.


The Lenny-George duo wants to make a different life; however they are lost while confronting the Vigils that makes them just pipe dreamers. Jerry feels the urge to give a counter act toward the Vigils before he knows what he’s doing. Jerry aim is clear and he knows; what he is fighting for.  On the other hand; Lenny and George know what they want, but the problem is how to make their dream real, which always seems to slip away from their hands


Of Mice and Men has grim lesson about human nature among all its characters that is loneliness. Despite being close, all characters at one time and other feel profound sense of loneliness at one time or other. While the fear and power struggle is the main theme in The Chocolate War. Ironically the Chocolate that seems insignificant   become an amazing symbol of defiance or nonconformity for the entire school.

In both novels the protagonists fails in making a different life. Jerry has the courage to fight, but he does not know, how to measure his power due to which things are always out of control for him. Lenny and George are confused and lost and they don’t know where to start and how to start. Their dreams are perhaps too perfect or they lack the courage to make their dream real.







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