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The third generation mobile phone as defined by International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is designed for high end user application requiring increased band-width usage along with necessity for better spectral efficiency at greater speeds. In order to support such advanced and state of art multi-media applications, the microcontroller of 3G mobile phone needs to be equipped with equally advanced data processing capabilities and other related functionalities.


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There are many available microcontrollers in the market that can be used for 3G mobile , but amongst all these the STM ST21Y144 from STM Microelectronics emerges out one of the most potent choice to be used in a 3 G mobile .

Features of STM ST21Y144 :  Its EPROM ( Erasable programmable Read Only Memory) provides 144 Kilobytes of data storage to a user. It has 8/16 bit CPU core and its linear addressing capacity  is whooping is 16 Mega Bytes .It is produced using sophisticated 0.13 micron EEPROM technology in order to meet the demand for high volume and also to make it cost competitive.

Microcontroller for 3G Mobile

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