Microsoft net Essay

Transitions from older and mixed technologies to newer ones are not always easy or beneficial - Microsoft net Essay introduction. However, in the case given, it has been stated that the firm I am working on has largely standardized on the .NET platform. There are several steps necessary to successfully integrate the purchased company’s operations with our firm’s existing processes:

Ask for top management support. It is virtually impossible to expect success without the top management support as they are the ones who should know what is going on within the company as well as holding the funds that will enable you to go any further with your plans. I must make sure to inform top management of my action plans and consult with them before I proceed.

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Propose in-house training. There are a lot of things to learn and what better way than to do it in a formal setting. I can propose an in-house training to at least communicate the processes and the basics of the standardized .NET platform that our firm is currently using. Moreover, this training could also serve as a venue for exchanging ideas with the staff of the purchased company. Trainings about the purchased company’s operations should also be conducted because the learning process should go both ways. This is also taking into account that the knowledge from the purchased company should also be absorbed by our firm.

Launch gradual conversion concept for operations. This is applicable for the purchased company. I think it would be too risky to directly implement our processes in their operations hence; phased conversion of their applications could be a better option. This approach lets me gradually allow users to familiarize themselves with the new technology. More importantly, the possibility of resolving errors and difficulties detected through the transition is minimized.

Perform quality management. Take measures to ensure that the proposed plan for integration is successful or at least meeting expectations. Get feedbacks from the people involved and act upon them. I would recommend forming a Quality Assurance team to oversee the integration process and make sure that the firm’s productivity is not affected negatively.


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