Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 Licensing Essay

Microsoft Office Licensing

Licensing restrictions for the Microsoft Home and Student Edition of the 2007 Microsoft Office Suites are as given below (CampusTech, 2007):

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Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 Licensing
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i.                          The product can be used only for non-commercial purposes at non-commercial locations.

ii.                        This edition of the 2007 Microsoft Office Suites can be installed in a maximum of three PCs.

iii.                      The Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 edition is licensed for home use - Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 Licensing Essay introduction. It is available for any home user, and therefore the purchaser does not have to prove that he/she is a student or associated with an educational establishment (Education, 2007).

iv.                      Future upgrade pricing or installations are not available for this product.

v.                        Only installation support is provided by Microsoft for this product.

vi.                      The software comes with a limited warranty of one year.

vii.                    The first user of the software may make a one-time transfer of the software, and this agreement, directly to a third party (MSLT, 2007).

The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) license for the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 edition limits the installation to the device on which the software was pre-installed (Microsoft Office Suites, 2007). The single primary user of a licensed device may access and use the software installed on the licensed device remotely from another device. Activation associates the use of the software with a specific device. During activation, the software will send information about the software and the device to Microsoft.

The software will require validation from time to time requiring download of the validation feature of the software. During the process the software will send information including the version of the software and the product key to Microsoft. If the software is found to be not properly licensed, the functionality of the product may be affected requiring reactivation..




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