Microsoft vs. Apple Essay

If you’re in the market for personal electronics there are two major companies to choose from. It is an age-old debate in the technology world between Microsoft and Apple. Although everyone has their own personal opinion, my needs are best suited with Microsoft products. Microsoft is famous for production of the Windows Operating System (OS), Microsoft Office Suite, and the Zune. Apple, on the other hand, is known for the production of their own Macintosh Operating System (OS), iWorks Office Suite, and the iPod. First, the Windows OS is on ninety percent of PC’s in the world, whereas less than ten percent operates Macintosh.

Due to its popularity, there are many programs available that will work with Windows, but Macintosh is a proprietary system, meaning you can only get products endorsed by Apple. This means that Apple’s marketing campaign “It Just Works” is made possible by the company’s tight control of the hardware and software that can be used on a MacBook. Therefore, when it doesn’t “Just Work,” the user can’t just run down to the local computer store to purchase a replacement part. On the other hand, Microsoft is compatible with many different hardware brands whether they be branded or generic.

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This is a huge plus for the person who prefers to work on their own PC rather than take it to a repair shop. Second, Microsoft Office is the most commonly used office suite on PC’s, and also has a version that is compatible with Mac. Apple produces their own office suite called iWork. Needless to say, it compatible only with a MacBook and cannot share files easily with Microsoft Office. This can make the workplace very unproductive! Lastly, Microsoft is famous for their production of the Zune music player, whereas Apple is famous for the iPod.

The Zune has wireless sync, which means that you can add content to your player without physically connecting it to your computer. Firmware updates, which are updates to the Zune’s operating system, are available at no charge, but Apple charges a fee for these updates to the iPod. Another positive towards the Zune is it has a built in FM radio, with the iPod you have to download a special application or purchase a FM receiver. The Zune has a maximum battery life of thirty hours, where the iPod only has a maximum battery life of twenty-four hours.

Also, the Zune is compatible with more audio and video formats than the iPod. Then there is the weight issue: this is not necessarily a good thing for the iPod, because it is tangibly heavier! While most people are Apple fanatics, I maintain my opinion about Microsoft products. When my first Mp3 player gave out, I had the choice of either an iPod or a Zune. While starring at the two products side-by-side in the display case, I realized I didn’t want to become cliche and the Zune offered more appealing features. In retrospect, Apple just isn’t my “cup of tea. ”

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