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1 - Microsoft vs Nokia introduction.)    Microsoft’s main asset in entering the wireless telecommunications market and perhaps its only significant non-financial asset is its continued leading popularity in computer technology. According to Buckley (2007), despite the prevalence of several other operating system and applications software, Microsoft’s Windows and Office are still at the top of the game. This means that people are hooked on these systems because they have been so used to them that opting for entirely different systems takes up a great deal of effort making it too burdensome. If we apply that to today’s smart phones, we can easily see that the addition of a Microsoft platform containing the ability to run MS software makes such a type of smart phone exceedingly convenient for different types of people. According to reference article, society today is just craving for mobility in their technology. Many people want to be able to accomplish their duties while their on the go. Smart phones of today do have several features that are helpful, but only a Microsoft powered phone can let a student do all his research, type up his report, and send it to his professor’s email all  while taking the bus home. This illustration shows that if Microsoft can fit all of its popular software to a convenient smart phone, it would truly be a product to be reckoned with.



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2.)    With such powerful innovations at its fingertips, Microsoft should easily be able to use this advantage to garner support from mobile phone manufacturers all over the world. When Microsoft reached the peak of its popularity about a decade ago, computer manufacturers lined up to get licenses to use Microsoft products. In the same way, Microsoft can offer its hugely popular operating system and applications software to smart phone producers while producing smart phones themselves. Much like their strategy of including a free internet browser in their release of Windows so many years ago, this age of smart phones might yet see Microsoft claiming dominance simply by having something that it can offer end-users for free that their competitors still have to buy from them. It’s obvious that if its competitors such as Nokia end up having to buy licenses to use Microsoft products in their own smart phones, they’d be at a terrible pricing disadvantage that could well make Microsoft the industry leader.


3.)    Nokia is of course aware of the cutthroat company policies that Microsoft has been known to follow throughout its years of existence. Therefore, Nokia has taken necessary steps in order to fend of Microsoft’s impending entry into the wireless telecommunications market. The only way to fend Microsoft off is to build a software platform that can compete effectively with Microsoft’s Windows on a smart phone level. Essentially, this means taking up research of their own or collaborating with Microsoft’s current competitors to come up with a smart phone that can offer the same conveniences as any phone that Microsoft can come up with.  If Nokia can make this happen, then Microsoft would be in a great disadvantage primarily because it would be a lot more expensive for Microsoft to manufacture its own smart phones than for Nokia to do so. Still, this means coming up with a platform that those end-users will find as convenient as Windows which is no easy trick. Currently, Nokia has come up with its own Symbian platform which it hopes would be able to accomplish the task. If it is able to, then perhaps Microsoft would have to think twice about entering Nokia’s turf.



Microsoft V Nokia: The fight for digital dominance

Buckley, K. (2007). Why Microsoft Still Leads the Game. N.Y.: Roofer & West.

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