Military hard work Essay


The U.S Army although of unique nature is no different from any other organizations in terms of having two, sometimes, opposing sides - Military hard work Essay introduction. That is that of the management and that of the clientele, the US government being the management and the US citizens being the clientele. And like any other firm, it always strives to render the BEST services for its clients and faces the challenge of balancing the sometimes conflicting views of the management and the clientele. However, having no real rival in providing its offered services the army couldn’t expect competition to intervene and dictate the intersection of these two conflicting views.

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To make things more challenging than it already is, the army swore to uphold the value of loyalty and duty, which is almost impossible to do given the possibility of the commander-in-chief ordering them to do something that the majority of the US citizens condemn.

In such scenario, isn’t it almost instantaneously that the army man would obey his leader before any consultation from the people could actually begin. How then can you say that the army values lay the foundation that exceeds any possible expectation of the US citizens?

The Bush Administration’s all out war against Iraq is frowned upon by many Americans. The US media has been blatant in expressing their discontent against this anti-Islamic policy. The massive military interventions being sent out to different countries to help fight terrorists are criticized to probably increase the threat of terrorism.

TQM in the US Army means to develop policies and practices that ensure that the majority of US citizens are more than satisfied with their services. (Blocher, Chen, Cokins, & Lin ) When the US citizens are not consulted, the White House commands as it please and the US Military merely bows to these commands, then it fails to implement this technique.


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