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Mini Coopers Legacy – BMW Strategy

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BMW strategy to achieve the continuity of the Mini Coopers brand was to maintain its original legacy as one of the world’s iconic vehicles ever made. Mini was first developed in the 1950’s by a gentleman named Alex Issigonis. Its original design was develop to be fuel efficient due to the global fuel shortage (Horatiu, 2012). In the early 1960’s, a guy by the name of John Cooper vision the Mini as sports car and created the very first Mini Cooper.

Mini Coopers legacy since its creation in the 50’s is to be fun, powerful, compact and yet roomy enough to allow an average person to operate it comfortably (Horatiu, 2012).

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Mini Coopers Legacy – BMW Strategy
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During the 90’s, BMW bought all rights of the Mini Cooper from the Rover Group who own the brand (Horatiu, 2012). BMW’s intent from the beginning of the purchase was to continue the original Coopers legacy and decided to relaunch the Cooper line 2000. The brand of Mini Cooper became a global symbolic illustration and BMW wanted to maintain that Mini tradition by converting specific associations from the old model into their improved Mini brand.

By doing so, BMW has maintained the continuity of the Mini Coopers original brand (Dahlén, Lange & Smith, 2010 pg. 76). Marketing communications is a subcategory of marketing that consists of a marketing mix.

The marketing mix, as we all know is made up of the “four P’s” (price, place, promotion and product). Marketing communications is the promotion of the marketing mix. Marketing communication mix is the strategy or tactics that businesses use to peruse it advertising and marketing communication mix (Smith, 2010 pg. 274). Marketing communication mixes consist of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing (Smith, 2010 pg. 77). Mini Cooper To maintain the original Mini Cooper brand legacy of being an elegant, self-confident, dependable vehicle, BMW implemented all five of marketing communication mixes. To obtain immediate response from consumers and help build lasting customer relationships, BMW continue to carefully target consumers between the ages of 20-30 years old (Smith, 2010 pg. 275). One of BMW’s sales promo was when they displayed the wrapped Mini Cooper in toy box in the middle of a UK Mall.

This brought the business and consumer relationship together. Their direct marketing tactics was when they implemented flash banners on internet websites in the UK, this help establish database communication. To achieve direct response, BMW launch an advertise board on the London train station wall that actually displayed the Mini Cooper. When endorsing their management sponsorship or public relations, BMW launched electronic posters, video messages and even ringtones of its product (Smith, 2010 pg. 276).

Explicit communication is how a business tries to interpret its message to influence the behavior of consumers (Abbott, 2007). When businesses use explicit communication, they convey their message through oral or written forms of communication when they use the five promotional mixes. Implicit communication is the individual behavior from consumers without the influence of a business message (Abbott, 2007). Often, this form of communication is conveyed through body language or other non-verbal means.

An example of how BMW used explicit communication in the case study was when BMW guaranteed consumers the same symbolic quality of previous Mini version with an improve stylish Mini Cooper that is just as reliable and fun. An implicit form of communication is when BMW use product placement of the Mini Cooper Mini Cooper in a song video. This form of communication helps BMW to endorse the Mini Cooper brand implementing implicit form of communication.

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