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ATRIYA CLEANING SDN - Minutes Example Essay introduction. BHD. OPERATIONAL REVIEW MEETING 10/11 Meeting:10/11 Date:26th September 2012 Time:1130 – 1330 Venue:Conference Room, 2nd floor, Atriya Tower A, Kuala Lumpur Present: Ahmad Kamil Izzudin b. Idris Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Razak Abdul Mutalib b. Kamarudin Alif Rashrique Azras b. Azhar Amir Farhan b. Musa Adam Shareez Iqmal Absentwith apology: Rozihana bt Ismail No. | Item| Open since| Open/Close| Action by| 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. | Chairman’s Opening RemarksChairman welcomed all members to the meeting. Apologies for AbsenceMiss Rozihana was unable to attend.

Adoption of AgendaThe propose agenda was accepted. Agenda of meeting was as follows: 1. Chairman’s opening remarks 2. Apologies for absence 3. Adoption of agenda 4. Minutes 19/9 confirmation 5. Matter arising 6. Replacement of current suppliers 7. Third anniversary celebration 8. Other matters 9. Adjournment of meetingMinutes 09/11 ConfirmationSome correction was made due to typing errors. After the correction, the minutes were approved and signed by the Chairman as a correct record. Matters Arising5. 1: Colaboration with AirAsia AirlineMr.

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Mutalib proposed to expand the business by having collaboration with AirAsia Airline and he will send the proposal letter to the secretary. 5. 2: Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)Mr. Amir reported that one of his workers was harm during the cleaning process and proposed the company enforce the PPE rules. 5. 3: Visit from DCA Mr. Adam informed that DCA will visit the Atriya Cleaning hub in Subang and evaluate the company’s service. The visit will be on 5th October 2012. Replacement of Current Suppliers.. ,,?? ///.. ,,,,…. Third Anniversary Celebration…? //… ////Other Matters Mesti ade 1………..??????? Adjournment of Meeting| | | |

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