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Respectfully, I am writing to you to reconsider your position on creating ‘Marketing Fundamentals’ as an on line course.  There are several positives to further considering more courses for the on line dimension, such as ease of accessibility.  However, I only wish to mention to you only three reasons you should consider, Real World Application, University Marketability, and Cost Benefit, for offering this course.  In offering this course each of these goals and far more can be reached with ease.

The employability of marketers is broad and extremely competitive.  The opportunity to take ‘Marketing Fundamentals’ on line, offers students the opportunity to apply knowledge as they would in a ‘real world situation.’  The ability to manipulate the world wide web to the fullest advantage of the marketer, in cases such as, creating web ads.  In offering this course on line, you are providing the students an opportunity to use their knowledge in a mock on the job training exercise.

The University can use this tool to encourage more students to apply to the marketing program.  The University will receive increased attention, as moving toward the cutting edge of technology in the twenty first century.  The internet becomes more and more intrinsic to our lives and the University will benefit as we enter this new age of marketing.

The move toward creating ‘Marketing Fundamentals’ on line is that students are responsible for the required equipment.  This opportunity requires very little investment on the part of the University.  Currently, I can think of no other course more suited to the internet than, ‘Marketing Fundamentals.’

I thank you for your attention and look forward to your response.


Marketing Student

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