Mobile Phone and Phone Etiquette Transition Essay

Speech Outline General Purpose: My Purpose is To Inform. Specific Purpose: I Will Inform You about Cell Phone Etiquette Introduction Gain Attention: Have You Ever Been In The Middle Of a Sentence and the Person you Are Talking to Answers Their Cell Phone?? Thesis Statement: Call Phones Have Taken over Our Schools, Homes, Businesses, offices and streets. Most People Don’t Consider The Way They Are Using Their Cell Phones And how It Effects Their Surrounding. Relate to Audience: Everyone in the Audience has seen, used or owns a cell phone.

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Mobile Phone and Phone Etiquette Transition
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Establish Credibility: I won a cell phone and have witnessed others using them as well. Preview Main Points: Define Cell Phone Etiquette; Problems with people who don’t have cell phone etiquette; and rules for cell phone etiquette Transition: Body Main Point: Define Cell Phone Etiquette A.

Cell phone etiquette is the guidelines for common courtesy for using a cell phone in public Transition: Now That You Understand What Cell Phone Etiquette Is I Will Now Explain Some Problems that arouse when there is A Lack of Cell Phone Etiquette Main Point II: Problems which can come with a lack of Cell Phone Etiquette A.

Rude when answering while already engaged in a face to face conversation with someone. B. If out at a restaurant can hold up people behind you C. If driving could be dangerous Transition: Ive informed you on what Cell Phone Etiquette is and some problems now I will help you by telling you a couple of rules to follow which will help improve your cell phone etiquette. Main Point III: Rules of Cell Phone Etiquette Transition: Conclusion Review Main Points: 1. Definition of Cell phone etiquette…2. Problems with lack of cell phone etiquette…3. Rules of cell phone etiquette. Clincher:

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