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Model Congress Bill

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HORACE MANN MODEL CONGRESS Committee: Energy and Commerce Author: Yinge ZhaoAn Act to Encourage the Production and Continuation of Hydroelectric Power Plants Preamble: Whereas hydropower is one of the most widely used renewable energy sources in North America, and since hydroelectricity is a type of hydropower that can generate electricity, and since the amount of electricity generated is dependent on the size and resources of the hydroelectric power plant, and since the United States depends heavily on electricity to function and maintain its structure;

Section 1: The Committee f Energy and Natural Resources will provide monetary incentives for hydroelectric power plants that have achieved: Subsection A: The production of 42 billion kilowatt-hours since the start of the power plant.

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Model Congress Bill
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Subsection B: The consistent adherence to Federal Energy Regulatory Committee (FERC) regulations for at least ten years. Subsection C: The submission of a report to the Committee for Energy and Natural Resources every five years explaining why the project should continue to be maintained for the next five years.

Section 2: The Committee for Energy and Natural Resources shall have the power to deny the monetary incentives for the hydroelectric plants given sufficient reason. Section 3: FERC regulations include but are not limited to: Subsection A: The immediate use of electrical energy gained from the hydropower plant. Subsection B: The absence of air pollution in fuel which is water for hydroelectric plants. Subsection C: The prohibition of consumption of the fuel.

Section 4: Funding for this bill shall be decided by the Appropriations Committee. Section 5: This bill shall go into effect 91 days after passage. *Definitions: A hydroelectric power plant shall be defined as a power plant that generates at least 1 billion kilowatt-hours annually. Kilowatt-hours shall be defined as a unit of energy equal to how much work has been done by one kilowatt of power in one hour. A kilowatt shall be defined as 1000 watts.

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