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Modifying Behavior in Children

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Modifying Behavior in Children
Naomi Washington
February 2, 2015
Dr. Carol ReesModifying Behavior in Children
Dealing with children that have behavioral issues can be challenging for parents, teachers, and others, which is why knowing different methods for modifying behavior in children can be an asset. In this article three methods for modifying behavior will be looked at, Mindfulness Training, Cognitive Control Therapy, and Behavioral Consultation. These methods will be defined, explained how they are implemented, and the way these methods differ from one another.

Mindfulness Training
Mindfulness is the awareness and nonjudgmental acceptance by a clear, calm mind of one’s moment-to-moment experience without either pursuing the experience or pushing it away (1992). Mindfulness-based interventions have been used in empirically based treatments for a large number of diseases and disorders. The best known interventions include dialectical behavior therapy for individuals with borderline personality disorder, mindfulness-based stress reduction for a physical and mental health, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for depression. Mindfulness has also been used on other areas such as couples therapy, obsessive compulsive disorders, substance abuse, eating disorders, mood disorders, and holistic health in individual with HIV/AIDS (2007).Meditation on the Soles of the Feet is the mindfulness-based intervention used as a self –management technique for aggression. It involved the therapist providing a rationale for the training and taking the adolescent through the steps of the gaining the new skill. It is a simple technique to achieve mindfulness by focusing on the present moment as opposed to the distal or proximal past. It enables the person practicing to take his or her mind from an emotionally arousing or anxiety-provoking situation to a neutral part of the body that evokes calmness. By bringing…

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Modifying Behavior in Children
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Modifying Behavior in Children. (2018, Aug 03). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/modifying-behavior-in-children/

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