Module 5 higher education

A) you must be a U.S. citizen to submit the FAFSA form.
B) you must use the FAFSA to apply for the federal work study program
C) you cannot fill out the FAFSA form without your parent/guardian.
D) you should only fill out the FAFSA form if you can demonstrate financial need.
which of the following statements about the FAFSA process are TRUE?
A) grants & scholarships-money you earn
B) federal student loans-free money
C) 529 plan-money you save
D) federal work-study program-money you borrow
which of the following correctly pairs a financing option with its description?
A) grants/scholarships-federal students loans-private loans
B) private loans-grants/scholarships-federal students loans
C) federal students loans-grant/scholarships-private loans
D) grants/scholarships-private loans-federal students loans
when looking to finance higher education, what is the best order to look for funding source?
A) receive reimbursement for your college visit costs
B) schedule a tour of the college campus
C) attend a college class to see what it’s like
D) Both B & C
E) all of the above
when making college visits, you may be able to?
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