Modus Ponens Essay

Modus Ponens

The statement “According to the rule of modus ponens, we can deduce the consequent of a material implication from the material implication and the material implication is true - Modus Ponens Essay introduction. In fact this is precisely what modus ponens does. The question is a bit obfuscated by using the technical terms “antecedent,” “consequent,” and “material implication,” but a brief examination of each of these terms should clarify the statement.

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Modus Ponens
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Consider the basic modus ponens statement, “if P then Q, Q, therefore P, or in symbolic notation:

P כ Q
Therefore, Q
In both of these statements the antecedent is P, the consequent is Q, and the material implication is P. As a result one can accurately conclude that P implies Q and P exists, it follows the Q exists.

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