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Mongol Crash Course Essay

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They lived on the land and had to live through storms ND natural disasters. Gender and social status Women and men were seen as equals They needed women to share the workload in order to survive. 2. Why were the Mongols more successful at emerging from Central Asia whew re larger groups were not? They were successful because of their speed and because Genesis Khan unify De the Mongols. 3. Genesis Khan successfully united warring groups due to these two factors: He put people in certain classes based on their education and merit, instead o f family class.


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He brought the lower classes of people from other tribes in order to dispose s the leader of the Klan. 4. What was the significance of the Curtail? The people could choose their leader. 5. Genesis Khan was declared the Great Khan in 1206 and by the time of his d death in 1227 had formed an empire which stretched from Mongolia to the Caspian Sea. BRB Eifel describe what happened to the Mongol Empire after Genesis’ death? After Genesis’s death his son took over and continued to expand the empire along with his grandsons until his 3rd grandson to take charge lost a battle and the Mongols began to conform to society.

. The high water point of Mongol Conquests was at the Battle of Main Salute. W here was it and what was significant about it? North Africa The Mongols lost. 7. Side note: How many people can claim to be direct descendants Of Genii s Khan today? Why did John Green make this point? 16 million. He makes the point to show that Genesis Khan’s prodigy lives on a ND on. 8. Genesis Khan failed to create a single political unit out of his conquests. Oaf term his death, the empire was divided into four senates. List each and its location by com letting the following chart: Senate

Location Yuan China Geminate Persia Chitchat Senate Central Asia Golden Horde Russia 9. John Green stated that the Mongol Conquests were similar to those of Alex Andre the Great. In what ways? Neither have a single unit made from their conquests and they did not conquer ere India. 10. What advantages did the Mongols have in warfare against Europeans? They were able to adapt. 11. What does John Green list as five primary arguments for Mongol “awes nemeses What? Why? /Result? They did reinvigorate cross Eurasian trade. They were able to tax trading through their empire.

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