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Monologue Exemplar Macbeth New Task

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One thousand, wo hundred and seventy three bucks. Not a bad days work for Shazza and I considering it was only two parties. The old biddys are always reliable customers and are easy to amaze with our latest range of plastic gadgets. They always go the extra mile with the catering as well and I am not regretting grabbing that pav recipe. Not only that but Shazza secured a couple of extra parties for next weekend. Cheryl moves to line up and wait for a bank teller to serve her.

Still, running parties for old ducks doesn’t stack up when you look at what Jude is up to these days. I bet she’s on a good wicket with the

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Monologue Exemplar Macbeth New Task
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Northern Promotional Managers job under her belt. There’d definitely be a fat salary rolling in and the recognition of being NQ’s face of Tupperware would be a boost to the ego. suppose if you weigh it up; she does deserve the promotion.

She has always served the company where ever possible and Trish was so impressed with her at the last national conference after finding a way to cut back our overheads. It has really us given us the competitive edge in in the pantry and fridge range we are now clearly the only market choice if you want quality. Jude really has a knack for the business and can’t help but ondly recall all we achieved together.

I wonder what Trish would think about it all now? Wasn’t that a dramatic fall from grace? From NQ Promotional Manger to being forced from the Tupperware family after allegations of cooking the books. It still doesn’t really sit right with me particularly the way that Trish ran our region. She was always so professional and don’t get why she even would have needed the extra cash with her old man being a vet and all. But, I guess it is amazing want lengths people will go to make an extra buck. Look at those silly bloody footballers in the paper the other day.

Million dollar contracts and they still need to deal drugs on the side to make a bit more dough! Bank Teller: Next please. Ohh, Cheryl, just the deposit today? Cheryl: Yes thanks Karen. (Placing the money and deposit on the counter and returning to her thoughts) The thing that really amazes me is recalling what that psychic said to us on that stupid TV show that night. I know Jude and I had had a few wines but was not too far gone to remember how accurately they predicted Jude’s fate. We rang them up and they predicted a new romance and a promotion in Jude’s life while they told me ne of my sisters was in line for some great success.

We laughed it off at the time but that night when we went to the local bar, Jude hit it off with a lovely bloke and she has not looked back. Before we knew it, Trish lost her position and Jude grabbed the NQ Manager position. I hate to think about this but it all seems a bit convenient when I look back in hindsight. I mean, know she could not have set up the romance but sometimes get the feeling that Jude may have played a bit of a role in Trish’s sacking.

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