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Monthly Statement

June 1—June 31, 2006

Wholesale Nursery Purchases


Customer Name: Swenson and Sons Landscape Contractors.

Billing Address:



The enclosed statement summarizes your account activity for the past month. Keep in mind that we may have received a payment from you that arrived too late to be included in this statement. Any payment received after the 25th of last month will appear on the next month’s statement. Remember to review the billing address listed above, notify us if any changes are necessary.


We expect payment within 15 days. After that period, an additional 3% will be added to all outstanding charges. The items listed in this report include all invoices signed by your authorized employees. We would be happy to fax you the signed invoices (each with an itemized list of purchases) for your inspection.


For questions, call our Customer Service Center at 612-234-9917




Total Invoices $16,316.25

. Trees (in burlap): $6,509.50

. Trees (container): $3,800.50

. Shrub (in burlap): $4,456.00

. Shrub (container): $680.25

. Soil Amendments*: $870.00











*A change, correction, or improvement to something. This definition was taken from the Encarta Dictionary.

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