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Inter-site Replication for Develop of Sites

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This is done because the Root AD automatically builds the inter-site replication topology based on the information provided about the new site connections. Each new site’s AD will have one each domain controller that is known as the inter-site topology generator and they are assigned to build the topology at their sites. To add two new branch offices we will need to find a strategy to design a replication process. To implement this we will need to use inter-site replication.

Inter-site replication is needed when adding domain controllers located in different sites.

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Inter-site Replication for Develop of Sites
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We will also need a site link (Site link is a logical, transitive connection between two sites that allows replication to occur) protocol of Remote Procedure Call (RPC) over Internet Protocol (IP) which is the preferred choice for the replication process. This allows you to communicate with network services on various computers and also keep data secure when being transmitted by using both encryption and authentication. We will need to take into consideration the cost, schedule, and frequency of the replication.

It’s best to set the schedule for the site link during off-peak business hours to ensure the bandwidth is not bogged down on the WAN, due to replication traffic. Frequency will determine how often information is replicated over the site link. I think the best schedule/frequency for the replication would be every 6/hrs starting at 0600/daily. Before installing the new domain controllers and before we begin the replication process, we will need to setup the IP addressing or sub netting for the new locations.

We will want to use subnets that reflect our current IP addressing scheme. This will be important to make sure there are connections between hosts and domain controllers as needed. Now my individual recommendation for Branch Office # 1 is that I would recommend having a ask POTS line for a redundant backup line. I feel that the attendant ask POTS line would be justified because if the main Sips TTL lines went down then you could always use dial-up to get updates for your servers.

Because this Branch has a Call Center with a high employee turnover it is imperative that there be some means of connection in case an employee is fired or his/her account needs to be updated across the domain. As for Branch # 2 office I WOUld recommend using Simple Mail Transport Protocol for replication. Also would suggest that because of the very remote location of this site and the utilizing connection (ask POTS Line) I would recommend that the company invest in satellite internet service either as a main source of telecommunications link or as a redundant line.

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