Moral and political philosophy Essay

Moral and political philosophy
Yes, it is absolutely true that the political environment does influence the moral levels of individuals - Moral and political philosophy Essay introduction. The biggest proof to this fact is given by the world history itself. An analysis of the  moral levels of the society under morally pure and impure leaders proves this. What was the state of the American society during the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln and Richard Nixon? When the Roman Church itself went corrupt and imperialistic, what was the individual mentality of citizens of Europe? Leaders like Lincoln had demonstrated morality in their deeds. Whereas Watergate scandal had exposed the immorality and corruption of Nixon. The common man of any country is always under the influence of the political developments. If he witnesses that even the highest level is immoral, he is also inspired to perform immoral acts, simply because his conscience is dead, like the political leaders, and the fear of consequences is not there.


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Moral and political philosophy Essay
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Environment builds up the mentality of people, whereas religion builds the conscience. It is proved beyond any doubt that conscience dominates the mind, when it comes to actions performed by anybody. A person with a conscience built by strong religious exposures will never be driven to do wrong acts, his tendency will always be to perform good acts, because all religions teach goodness and morality. This is why religion has more influence on building the philosophical moral outlook


All types of media play a very vital role in formulating the morality. This is because preaching is the main function of media and it is capable of spreading the message to the entire population, or has a very wide coverage. Moreover, the masses are prone to get convinced by the messages sent out by the media. It builds up a mass opinion, and thus forms the moral standards of a society. It is always the government, which influences the society, because it has the power with it. The society does not have any power to make decisions or run the administration of the land. This is always done by a handful few, in any form of governance. It is the policies of the government, which always set the standards of the society. The rulers have the power with them, which common man does not.



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