Moral Dilemmas Essay

Moral Dilemmas

Probably the best example of my own wrestling with a morality vs - Moral Dilemmas Essay introduction. logic issue deals with a work situation.  I used to work with one of my absolute closest friends, and yet I found myself getting progressively more and more frustrated with our working situation.  This person, despite the fact that outside of work she was one of my closest friends, was incredibly incompetent at her job.  Because our positions were so closely related, this had a domino effect with my own position and my own work suffered as a result.  Being the team environment that we were, if one person failed to uphold their end of the workflow the entire team suffered as a result.  For a long time I grappled with my personal feelings of loyalty towards my friend and my growing frustrations with the poor work performance of my coworker.  I’m not sure how much this falls under the category of “moral” dilemma, as a person’s job performance is not an issue of morality, but I do know that I felt morally obligated to protect my friend and that it would be wrong for me to say something negative against.

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However, as an employee and as someone whose own work performance was being negatively affected by the poor performance of another, I felt morally obligated to inform my supervisor of what was going on.  In order to be an effective coworker and also be a good friend, I forced myself to draw a severe line between friend and coworker.  At work, this person was my coworker and thus was prone to the same treatment as any other coworker would be; outside of work, she was still my friend and I could still support her in the way I would support any friend.  The consequences of my actions could possibly have been losing a friendship because of a perceived betrayal, or possibly seeing a friend lose her job in part because of my complaints.  Ultimately, the problems were addressed and my friend kept her job (while picking up the slack in her lackluster job performance), while I was also able to keep my friend.  At the end of the day, I know I made the right decision, and I still carry that mentality of keeping working relationships separate from friendships, which I find continually useful.

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