More Parking Spaces, Less Stress for Students Essay

More Parking Spaces, Less Stress for Students

            In our everyday lives, it is known that people are in need of cars in order to travel everyday - More Parking Spaces, Less Stress for Students Essay introduction. In the case of us students, we need cars in order for us to get into different places to research and to get information. Some students have to go to their work and at the same time study thus, it is needed for every one to have cars to have a safer and faster commute going to various locations. Although cars are easily bought by anyone, there are concerns with regards to parking spaces.

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More Parking Spaces, Less Stress for Students
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            Since the start of my schooling in ISU (state the whole name of the University) there had been problems with regards to the number of parking spaces which are provided for the students and the faculty members of the University. Given that a university is a place where different people come and go. Therefore, there must be sufficient parking spaces in the vicinity or within the area of the University.

            In the point of view of a student, I do think that parking spaces are a deep need for the reason that people in the university need locations to park their car which is very near and convenient to the students and faculty members. Most of the time, in adequate parking spaces limits the students to have enough time to relax before they start their class. For my personal experience, the limitation in the number of parking spaces in the have created stress due to the fact that I could get late from my class or an appointment for a group project and the likes therefore; I feel that if there are more parking spaces provided by the school it would lessen the hassle of students like me finding parking spaces. Most of the time, finding parking spaces takes more time rather than just heading off to the school building immediately. The time consuming act of finding parking spaces should not be an issue for the school faculty and the students for it is only one of the smallest factors that must be given attention. However, the unchanging parking spaces are creating a larger issue that it is supposed to be.

For the reason that the school is not doing any actions with regards to the issue of parking spaces, more and more students are coming in the school with the problem of where to park their cars. As semesters goes by, more and more students are crowding the schools as well as the cars that they use. As a student, I would like to highlight that there is a need to create additional spaces for parking spaces. It is impossible that students would not bring their own cars for each and everyone has their own businesses that must be accomplished. Public transportation is also not conducive for any students because they bring numerous materials such as books and laptops that could not truly be held only by hands.

Although I do point out that there is a need for the construction of more parking spaces, I believe that plans of considering additional parking spaces are also a concern for the administration. But still, there are greater concerns which must be addressed such as improving the technological facilities such as auditoriums, laboratories, classrooms and the likes that will enhance the learning of students. In the part of the school, the administration might think that it is only the learning facilities must be improved for the funding must be provided for because it is what the vision of the school—to provide quality education to all the students they have. However, the school should also view the fact that a small problem is now greater than it should be due to the reason that they do not give any further attention to the limited number of parking spaces in the school.

In the view of all the issues that is present in school, it is still the school’s discretion and the student council’s ability to demand and induce funds to create more parking spaces in the school. With out the willingness of the people to create actions that would lead to building new car parking spaces, there will be no answer to the qualms of the students. In the end, the actions with regards to the situation will be based on the actions and responsive measures done by all students and the student leaders to pursue this demand. But then again, the decision of building new parking spaces for the whole campus will be based on how the school administration sees the importance of this concern. If the school administration does not see that there is a need to address this concern therefore all the efforts that will be done shall go to waste.

In conclusion, the importance of having a safe and numerous numbers of the parking spaces for the whole campus is very beneficial to all. Some might find it as a small issue which will only serve one self but all the students and faculty members that has great difficulty in finding parking spaces. The time that is utilized in finding parking spaces is supposedly spent for other worth while activities such as meeting up with other students, being much earlier in class, limiting stress before class, going to the library, or reading a book for an exam and the likes.

Parking spaces must not be an issue that is bigger than any concern that students has in school but as a student in this University, I do think that having more parking spaces would be beneficial for all. Although there will be funding required, the money spent is certainly worth it. There will be less stress in finding parking spaces and more time to do important matters for school. In the part of the school, there will be more spaces that could be utilized in different events if it is not utilized as a parking space. It also must be noted that there are times in which small things are the most important matters that must be given attention for these simple concerns becomes a factor of which students could have or not have a conducive learning.

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