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Motivation in the workplace and employees s

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Motivation in the Workplace and Employees Ralph Stayer’s article was very interesting.It really made me believe that motivation is one of the keys to a successful company.After asking himself what needed to be done to achieve the goals he was looking for, he went out and accomplished them.He was looking to change his current business to a business where the employees would take on and share responsibilities for themselves. It was an uphill battle because the employee moral could have been much better.

Ralph needed to motivate these employees desperately if his plan for change was going to work. Motivationfirst began when Ralph started to make all the employees do the sausage tasting not just top management.This allowed the employees to take more pride in their product that they made as a team. Responsibility of setting performance standards for employees were made by the employees themselves with a little coaching when needed by top management.There was a profit sharing system set up where the employees would receive a fixed percentage of profits every six months.

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Motivation in the workplace and employees s
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Money is one of the quickest motivator in my opinion. Teams were formed to carry out specific functions.These teams replaced certain level managers.There seemed to be too many management levels in Johnsonville for such a small company.By giving more responsibility to the employees and coaching them to make there own decisions proved to be a highly effective change for the company.By the employees owning there own problems and solving them on their own it allowed Ralph and other top management to utilize their time more Most people if they had a choice would like to be achievers.In some jobs it is unfortunate that becoming an achiever is less likely to happen.If that is the case it might be time to look for a new job because happiness will never be found there.A persons own expectations is wh…

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