Motivation Letter Essay

Dear Admission Office, My name is W R, born on … I graduated from … Senior High School, in June, 2010, which is well known for its high quality of education and advanced facilities. I am a freshman in… University, majoring in …. till now. I am writing this letter in order to request your consider for my application of studying BSc in Economics and Business Economics. When I was in high school, my academic record always ranked among top ten in my grade. I always do well in mathematics and politics. After becoming a freshman of…

University, I became a member of the student union of my institute, which helped me to cooperate and communicate better. Therefore, I think my good ability to study, sense of responsibility and cooperation can help me to achieve my further study goal of Economics and Business. Moreover, I had made my career aspiration that is to become an excellent businessman. But at that time, I didn’t know exactly about that. I was just curious about the phenomenon of economy and tried to figure out the causes. After one year’s study in the university, I have contacted fundamental knowledge which is useful and stimulating.

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Motivation Letter
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From my perspective, economy plays a significant role in contemporary society. It seems to have a great prospect in China even in the world, so I plan to learn the relevant knowledge of economics and business and make a solid foundation for my future. Though the course of BSc in Economics and Business. has nothing in common with my major, I have acquired the basics by asking professors for extra lessons such as Mathematics, Management Accounting , International Economic Relations etc. I’m sure that I have the ability to learn it well.

And I am a person who cherishes every opportunity to learn. I have been searching for a good undergraduate school to study economics and business. Since I have huge interest to study it, I really want to transfer to this realm. To me, combining my interest with major would be a great joy. In the mean time, the immature Chinese market faced with widespread foreign capital investments and transcontinental sector involvement due to the globalization. I have realized that the old Chinese financial and economic system is being greatly challenged.

It is quite crucial for us Chinese to pay attention to this problem and do our best to work it out, especially for us university students. Consequently, economics and business management has greatly promised future in china nowadays and professionals in this field are in utmost need. Thus there will be a bright prospect for me to develop in this territory if I transfer to the major. As everyone knows Netherland is famous for the enlightened society and the high quality education. These make me to have a desire to have first-hand experience in the university of Netherland.

And Utrecht University is one of the leaders in educational operations among Netherlands’ institutions of higher learning. It is well-known as a top research university, ranked 11th in Europe, and first in the Netherlands in the international ranking of universities of the Jiao Tong University of Shanghai. ,which made me feel a sense of intimacy. Besides, Utrecht University excels in fundamental research of top international quality, innovative research at the interfaces of disciplines, broad interdisciplinary programmers, and programmers to promote the development of talented young researchers.

Therefore I think through the unique education I can not only obtain a wider perspective and profound understanding of Economics, but also learn to be more open-minded to communicate with others come from different countries. What’s more, I am also attracted by its good environment and study atmosphere. I will definitely develop my personality and intellect alike from the superb education and my own trials. Excited I am to discover that I could realize my dream via your course.

After graduation, I believe I can make a difference and achieve my career ambition. Meanwhile, I will devote all what I have learned to my country and help reinforce the connection between Europe and China in the area of business and economy by my efforts. Admission of your honorable university is the first step to reach my dream and I have the faith to complete it. Along with my strong study-motivation and persistence, I sincerely hope you could give me an opportunity and consider me to be a part of your undergraduate school in the upcoming academic year.

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