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Motivations and Teams Case Study

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Grandpa always said “do I need to light a fire cracker under you to get you moving?” This always seemed silly to me but after reading this chapter and some life experiences of my own I realize how important motivation really is. Goals and motivation in the work place may be more important than you may have initially thought.

I believe that goal setting theories have a lot to do with both. With both of the companies they set goals and achieved them to get to where they wanted to be.

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Motivations and Teams Case Study
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With the moving company she wanted to be where she could quit her other job and run her business that she has started by mistake. After a few years she has got to her goal and had many franchises that she has sold in different other places as well. After her boys left to collage she was still getting a lot of calls a day for the servos that was provided with her moving.

When Siemens’s hired a new person to take over, he also set goals for the product to get done faster and for the customers to get there product as soon as possible. Once he set these goals for them they got products done that would take them about a six months and completed in about one month. Once he did this the company stared making more money and they became the top of their class drowning the competition.

As I said both companies used goal setting theories. But they also both used Work motivation (“the psychological force within people that arouses their interest, directs their attention, and causes them to persist and work intensely to find a way to achieve their work goals.” PG.210 Jones: Introduction To Business: How Companies Create Value for People) Mary Ellen Sheets did not initially do this. It wasn’t until after her business started growing in popularity she realized this was something good for her and her whole family and was motivated. Klaus Kleinfelds came from when he was a young boy, “Kleinfeld’s father, a shipyard laborer who became an engineer by studying nights, died when the boy was 10. That was a “brutal” experience, Kleinfeld says, but the hardship that followed forged a determination to succeed. (Pg.235 Jones: Introduction To Business: How Companies Create Value for People)”

Klienfeld and Mary Ellen took different approaches as leaders. Klienfeld very tough and firm and go getter type. Mary Ellen sweet and more of a trial and error type of approach. Ultimately they both were smart in franchising and branching out. This allows for more income and more interest in both companies. Both companies offer pay incentives and room for advancement in there careers. Work motivations in any type of business are important. Whether you’re starting out in a local newspaper or if you are already in a multibillion dollar company. Motivation is needed for business to grow and blossom into a well performing well money grossing lucrative business. Are you ready to light that fire cracker?

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