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Motorcycle Club Application



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    Have you ever been a member of any car or truck club? If you answered yes to any of the above two questions, please list the name(s) of the club(s). . While prospecting with Empire Riders MS, you will be expected to conduct yourself in a manner that will not bring embarrassment or shame to ERR. 3. Prospects are not allowed to take a leave of absence (LOLA) during their prospect time. If prospect is gone for more than two (2) weeks, then their prospect time will top and then continue upon their return to the organization.

    The only acceptable reasons for being absent from ERR are Job-related, family illness or death during prospect time. If prospect disobeys any club rules, they will have one (1) month added to their prospect time. Prospects will respect all club members. If a problem does occur, prospect will speak to their club sponsor and they will take steps to resolve the issues.  Prospects are required to attend all club meetings and are not allowed to speak in geared to the club business until the floor is open to them at the end of the meeting.

    A prospect has no say in the club, so he/she will not be able to vote until he/she becomes an active member. Prospects cannot bring in new prospects. Prospects need to have a member bring anyone wishing to become a prospect. Being a prospect does not guarantee membership to this organization. You still have to be voted into Empire Riders MS. What you do as a prospect will have an effect on that decision. Application/ membership fee: $320 – includes vest and patch. If for any reason you decide to leave the club, you will return all patches.

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