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Movie Evaluation on the 1960’s Classic Psycho

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A good movie starts with the setting; in a horror movie the setting is key. In Psycho the setting is a small motel right off the highway. Behind the motel is a big, old, eerie house that Norman Bates and his mother live in. One of the main characters, Marion Crane is a young woman who is working for her boss, who sells houses. When Marion goes into work she does not feel well, and asks her boss if she can go home early.

He says yes but asks her to do one thing before she leaves. Her boss makes a sale on a home and is paid, up front, forty thousand dollars in cash.

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Movie Evaluation on the 1960’s Classic Psycho
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He asks Marion to take the money to the bank before she goes home, but the money never makes it to the bank and Marion never makes it home. Marion plans to take the money and leave town to go to California to start a new life with her boyfriend Sam Loomis, who knows nothing about her leaving town or stealing the money.

Marion packs her things and the money and sets off for California. On her way out of town she runs into her boss as he walks across the street and she is stopped in her car at a red light.

As she is on her way to Fairvale, California she stops on the side of the road to sleep when she is awoken by a police officer, who is very suspicious of her actions, but lets her go on her way because she has done nothing wrong. Marion stops at a car dealership on her way and decides that it is smart to buy a new car Sellars 2 with the stolen money to keep the police officer off her trail. When she is finalizing the sale she notices the police officer on the other side of the street. She leaves the dealer ship as soon as she has the new car and her things. As she keeps driving she is running through the past events in her head.

She seems to be very tense and uneasy. Before she knows it, day turns into night. As it begins to rain it gets harder and harder for her to drive. She sees a sign for the Bates Motel off on the side of the highway and decides to pull over to stay the night. She sees the house in the back of the motel and jumps back in her car to get someone’s attention. Norman, the owner of the motel, comes out from the house and apologizes for not hearing her come up the drive, and invites her into the lobby. He suggests cabin one in case she needs anything, she is close to the office.

Marion then realizes how close she is to Fairvale when Norman suggests a dinner that is close. He helps her with her bags and they enter the room together and begin to get settled in for the night. Norman asks if she would like to have sandwiches and milk with him for dinner. She agrees. She looks for a place to hide the money safely so no one will find it. They eat in the back room of the office, and Marion asks him questions about the big house behind the motel. Norman tells her that he and his mother live there. Marion finds that him living with his mother very odd and calls him a momma’s boy.

He explains to her that his mom does not like him getting close to any other women; Marion leaves the room shortly after. She returns to her room, hides the money in a newspaper and goes to the bathroom to take a hot shower to wash away the day. This is where epic death scene comes in. This scene has influenced many other horror movies; the famous “shower scene. ” Marion is taking a shower and then you see a silhouette of a women and a shiny knife. Then you see the knife descend and Marion slips and fights to stay alive. The next thing you see is blood wash down the drain and you know that she has been Sellars 3 urdered. This scene is iconic and in horror movies today there is usually a shower scene and this is the movie that started it all. When you think shower scene you think of the movie Psycho. As it flows in a normal horror movie, the morally wrong die first. Marion was first to die because she stole the money from her boss. As the movie goes on, the music is a key part. Every time the music gets faster, you figure that something is going to happen. Examples of this are: when she is stabbed in the shower, the detective is walking up the stairs, and the mother appears at the top of the steps.

The music makes the fear inside of you rise; it makes everything more suspenseful. With the death of Marion, the detective, and multiple other people, you know where the obvious coincidences lie. With Marion in the shower when you see the silhouette, you know that she is about to be murdered. When Detective Arbogast sticks his nose where it does not belong by trying to go up in the house and being caught every time by the mother, he eventually just sneaks up there going somewhere where he should not be. Entering the house without consent you hear the music get faster paced.

He walks up the stairs; the mother appears at the top of the stairs with a knife in hand. The music gets intense and the mother stabs him as he falls down the stairs to his death. The reason that Norman kills all of his victims is because he is getting his revenge. He only grew up with his mother which had a tramadic effect on him. He had no friends or outside contact with anyone except for the victims who came to the motel. He was so dependent on his mother, that when his mother died he was never able to get close to another woman. He would listen to his mother and this is where the split personalities come into play.

It was never Norman who was killing the women, it was his mother killing them in Norman’s body. After every Sellars 4 murder Norman would try to cover up what his mother did as a way of trying to protect his mother. Norman never had any recollection of killing the women. In every good horror movie you have the final battle of good versus evil; in Psycho you have Norman Bates as his mother and Marion’s sister Lila. Lila enters the house in an attempt to find her sister. She enters the front door and goes upstairs into what she finds to be the mothers room. Lila hears a noise and walks back down stairs where she finds a door to the basement.

Curiosity takes over and she walks down stairs. What she finds next is shocking. She finds the mothers dead, rotten, skeleton sitting in a chair. Then Norman comes busting threw the basement door dressed has his mother in a dress and wig, trying to kill Lila. Sam then comes in to save Lila and stop Norman after being knocked out by Norman down in the motel office. In most horror movies the killer never dies; same goes for Psycho. Norman never dies in the movie. At the end of the movie they arrest Norman even though he is not the one who killed all the victims.

His mother comes through and talks about how she committed all the murders and how the police would never suspected her because of Norman split personalities. I thought this movie was very good. The movie was in black and white but it gave a classic feel to the whole thing. Psycho isn’t a scary movie, but it is suspenseful and gives a nice twist at the end that really leaves the viewer rethinking the whole movie. I do not think today’s younger generations would really like it all that much. Maybe older generations would like the movie more because the movie is something that they grew up watching.

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