Movie Review of The Notebook Essay

Movie Review of The Notebook

            The movie The Notebook is one of the most romantic and heartwarming love stories that show the audience a kind of love that is truly one of a kind. With its profound and dynamic plot, movie enthusiasts have surely enjoyed this distinct love story of two individuals who conquered the love that they trully feel, aganinst all odds. Through this movie, the beauty and bitter of side of human love is presented in the most positive approach that people would get to know how love and affection makes the people smile and cry.

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Movie Review of The Notebook
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First written as a novel of the same title, the adaptation of The Notebook in motion picture depicts a love story that is equally filled with romance and sacrifice from two loving couples. Apart from its oaane-of-a-kind love and romance story, this amazing film also presents various theories and strategies that enlighten the structure of human love and relationship.

            As for this movie, the attraction theory is considered as one of the concepts that would best describe the initial bond of the main characters that paved the way for the formation of emotional attachments with one another.

This concept mainly tells the reason why people feel attracted to one another and explains how people connect with others. In the scene where the two main characters first met each other in the carnival, the main factor that is evident there is the reciprocal liking. This factor best explains as to why the two have been very well confortable with each other because they both felt something special that leads them the feeling of love and connection.

            Related to this, affinity-seeking strategies are also applied during the period when the characters started their relationship. Where they both felt an emotional liking for one another in their first meeting, affinity-seeking strategies came from both directions. The ability of both to successfuly carry out these strategies made it easier for them to fall in love. Among these strategies used include starting and maintaining a conversation by provoking the conversational interest of the other person, use of nonverbal cues that show liking for another, and showing interest to know the other person.

            More so, the movie has also presented various concepts with regard to the reasons for maintaining a relationship. One of this is the emotional attachment. Through the resillient actions of the guy in the movie, it is shown that he is not just connected with his girl because she is her wife. Rather, the emotional attachment that he has with his wife keeps him motivated to make her remember of who they are to each other and what they have together. In addition to this, the commitment he has with his wife is another factor that would best describe the reason for maintaining his relationship, which allows him to stay with her despite of all the sacrifices he has done and dead memories of their relationship in the mind of his wife.

            In the early part of the movie, it is shown that one of the main factors that cause a relationship to deteriorate is financial constraints. In the scenes where the parents of the girl interfere in the relationship of the two young couples because of the financial instability status of the guy, the financial capabilities associated with the person is emphasized in such a way that a decision has been made in light of this aspect alone. For men, their financial stability and capacity to provide for their family has often been associated with them being the “right man” for a woman. More so, this movie also depicts the stages of deterioration. From a perfect beginning, it is considered that the stage of breakingdown among the two main characters has been a critical moment in their relationship, which further worsens the situaton by causing greater internal problems and differences within the relationship.

            With the fact that this movie has numerous twists and turns, the progresss of events shows the concept of deterioration of communiction in relationship. Withdrawal is one of the best factors that are evident in this film that would best describe the concept of deterioration of communictation in relationship. This concept is extensively clear in the scene when Noah, the main character in the movie, decided to leave Allie and let her leave the town to New York in the same night when he has been humiliated by Allie’s mother. Though this decision of Noah is clear to be driven by his sudden emotinal outburst that night, it is clear that Noah commits that act of withdrawal, which has deteriorated the main line of communication between him and Allie.

            The stages of deterioration in the relationship of the two persons involved have been shown after they parted. Definitely, both of are appalled with the thought that they are far away from one another.  Both have gone through the breakdown stage as they endlessly frieved over their separation.Noah went through a difficult stage as he thought of the things he shared with Allie especially their aspirations. Allie, on the other hand, continuously pondered over the fact that he still loved Noah everday. Separately, they thought of ways to relive one another considering the fact that they have no means of talking personally. Noah wrote Allie a letter every single day for a year expecting that Allie would read his letters. Both realized that there is no more hope to their relationship as both thought that the other has already forgotten about it. Thus, they moved on with their lives and socialization with other people have helped in this respect.

            Enidng a relatuionship is also evident in the movie. This concept mainly enlightens the pain and heartaches associated in ending the relationship. One factor that would best explain this concept is the ways and approach of the characters to the situations during and after they ended their relationships. Allie and Noah have both shown intense and heart-breaking experiences in dealing with the break-up that they had with Noah struggling to live a new, while Allie is having an equally difficult time mending her broken heart.

            Lastly, this movie presents the social exchange theory, which basically serves as the main theory in the film that explains the attitude and qualities of the characters. From the word itself social exchange, this theory enlightens the manner of Allie’s parents, more especially her mother, towards her relationship with Noah, who is known in the movie as a relatively comes from low class family. Initially, Allie’s mother totally dislikes Noah and their relationship because she does not see any positive outcome that her daughter would benefit well with Noah, both financially and emotionally. Noah, on the other hand, initially decides to let go of Allie because he also thought the same, though in the latter part he know he made the biggest mistake by allowing love to slip-off  his hands.


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