Movie vs. Play

The play Romeo and Juliet is a very long play written by Shakespeare - Movie vs. Play introduction. The play is written about two star crossed lovers that in the end of the play kill themselves. The play, written in the 16th century was bound to be a little different than its recreation as a film 400 years later. There are major differences in the movie and the play such as, some people are visual learners and the movie is a good visual, in the movie the places where things happen are very different, and then the movie uses more relatable resources in modern culture.

The modern day movie is a great way to better understand the true meaning of the play Romeo and Juliet that written over 400 years ago by William Shakespeare. Some people are just visual learners and have a hard time understanding the Shakespearean language that is used in both the play and the movie. The difference in reading the play and watching the movie is that you can actually see what is happening. You can watch what the people are doing to understand what is going on. So it doesn’t really matter what they are saying because you know what is happening because of the people acting everything out.

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Some of the places where thing occur in the movie are different than they are in the play. For example, in the movie the Capulet tomb is a giant tomb that is in the middle of a big city but, in the play it was in small tomb that is in a cemetery. The biggest difference is in the death scenes. In the movie when Romeo enters the tomb Paris is not there and because he is not there Romeo does not kill Paris in the tomb as he does in the play. Unlike in the play, in the movie when Juliet wakes up the Friar Lawrence is not there. Whenever Juliet wakes up from being under the trance of the potion, it is just her and Romeo and a bunch of candles. Romeo and Juliet both die beside each other. But when Romeo kills himself he does not notice that Juliet is actually awake. Also, after Juliet gains the strength to move she kills herself with Romeo’s gun, not his dagger. But in the play she
stabs herself with Romeos dagger.

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