Moving to New Zealand Essay

English 1A
1 September 2010
Moving to New Zealand
Since I was about eight years old I wanted to go to school in another country. France was my dream. But as we grow up we learn that dreams don’t always come true. Luckily, mine partly did.
My sophomore year of high school was extremely tough on me, as I imagine it is on most kids. It was different for me because by the time I was a sophomore I had my license which was cool, and school was fine, but my home life was a huge struggle.

My brother wasn’t speaking to my dad which made my dad not talk to me, my mom got a new boss who was awful to her which made her cranky all the time, my friends were changing and all this drama was going on so I decided I needed a break from here. Sounds childish, I know, but since the offer was still on the table to be an exchange student, I took the chance as quickly as possible.

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Moving to New Zealand
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I had every imaginable country to choose from; I just had to narrow them down. I eliminated all the places I had been to (which were the more popular ones) because I wanted to experience a new place I mite not have on a normal vacation. If you know me as a person you know my life is about movies, and my favourite movie at the time of my decision making happened to be The Lord of the Rings, which was filmed in New Zealand. I had never been there before, heard anything about it, never met any one from there, but what the heck, how cool would it be to say I lived in Middle Earth? So New Zealand became my number one choice, and low and behold I got one of the last spots. It was just meant to be.
In the months leading up to my departure, things had been changing even still on a different level. My cousin and grandma had moved into our tiny little house, making it five people and one very large dog in our very small house. My leaving was kind of a relief to everyone, though sad, still a relief.
On my last night here in California my mom let me spend the night at my boyfriend Josh’s house. He was the love of.

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