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Analyse the impact of prejudice and discrimination on children and young people - Mrs Collins Essay introduction. Children and young people have the right to an education without prejudice or discrimination. A learning environment of prejudice or discrimination will have a negative impact on children and young people. Depending on how long it goes on for and form it takes, a negative atmosphere will have an effect on many aspects of a child’s personality, and it will affect their self- esteem, their social and emotional development and their education.

A child who is bullied through discrimination or prejudice will feel undervalued as a person and start to lose confidence in their self. The child or young person may start to withdraw socially becoming less able to join in with activities with their peers, as they may not want to draw attention to their self. This in turn alienates them further from their peers. Discrimination and prejudice can have an impact on a child or young people’s learning.

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The child or young person may not feel part of the class or peer group due to the discrimination or prejudice they may not settle or feel happy at school. This will affect their learning as they may not be able to settle or focus in class. A child or young person who lacks confidence may not want to participate or become engaged during lessons. They may not be able to form friendship with their peers due to lack of confidence and is less likely to develop positive relationships with their peers or others.

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