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Msa Mechanical and Electrical Consultants

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    Description Of The Operation

    Mitsides, Samuel and Associates is offering Mechanical and Electrical Consultancy Services for a variety of projects since 1977 and its main ability is to carry out with Design and Building of important projects. This includes Larnaca and Paphos Airport terminal building, undertaken in association with DSA Engineers in London and designing and construction of the University of Cyprus Athletic Centre, the University of Cyprus Learning Resource Centre being designed by Ateliers Jean Nouvel.

    This company is committed to provide top – class engineering solutions with particular attention to energy saving protection to the Environment and to use art high technology and timely execution of work in accordance with client and Lead Consultant Transformation Process The company starts its work by contacting a contest to find the Mechanical and Engineering Contractors and the Quantity Surveyors who will work on the project.

    Moreover, by using its well trained and qualified Mechanical and Electrical Engineers and Technicians with experience in Building Services Drafting (Staff), they are transforming the Architectural Drawings with special equipment, Mechanical and Electrical Estimating and Design Programs and they complete the operation processes with satisfied customers.

    The 4v’s Profile Of Mitsides Samuel And Associates

    1. The Volume of this operation is relatively low due to the fact that in offering Mechanical and Engineering building advices means that in each case designing how the building should be according to customers specifications means that repetition of the same work is rare.
    2. The Variety is most of the times high because the customers needs vary and that gives them the opportunity and flexibility to change anything in architectural drawings that has to do with customizing the building.
    3. The Variation in demand is relatively low due to the fact that even if the construction of buildings is increasing the whole procedure doesn’t stands to seasonality changes.
    4. The Visibility is low because constructing a building has a long procedure so if this operation has authorization to inspect if the procedure is completed successfully then the customers will not have to be physical presented during construction.

    The Strategic Role And Objectives Of Operations

    For representing the performance objectives of the operation we use a Polar Diagram so we will represent which strategy the business is following. In order to draw the polar diagram for the selected operations the following analysis has to be made

    Quality: For this operation accomplishing the design and construction of a building means that they give high importance to provide quality services due to the fact that offering to the developers a safe construction with the best equipment using all legal regulations by experienced and well trained staff, is one of company’s philosophy. Speed: Most of the times the construction of one building is based on a schedule that the developer and architects of the project will decide, so prolonging the procedure of the business is something that rarely happens so Mitsides, Samuel and Associates gives high importance to complete the projects on time.

    Dependability: The fact that this company gives great deal on finishing the construction of buildings on time lead us to the conclusion that customers trust and depend on the operation’s commitment to fulfill the developers demands, and gives high importance on the good reputation that has in Cyprus market. Flexibility : The company is trying to conclude one project by maintaining as far as possible the time schedule (construction period 21 months) that the developer decides without prolonging the contract and have the job done on time. So that means that flexibility level is low.

    Cost: In this kind of business the competitors are a lot so the company tries to keep low standards on cost of their services in completing their detailed design and supervision of a building. That is the reason why most of the developers prefer Mitsides, Samuel and Associates, because they offer low cost (reasonable prices). Pollar diagram of MSA Mitsides, Samuel and Associates as a Mechanical and Engineering Consultancy Operation has a goal to offer the best services in design and construction of buildings, giving high importance to the specifications that has to be accomplished in a certain time schedule.

    The company focuses on the most imporvtant objectives that contribute to its success as a service operation in the Cyprus market by presenting relatively low cost on payments and high quality standards.

    Process Type Of The Operation

    Mitsides, Samuel and Associates, as an operation belongs to the Professional Services process type, which occurs because as a consultancy operation provides high levels of customization, were most of the times the company has to deal everyday with different customers.

    Highly trained staff spends a great deal of time in the front office were they give discretion while servicing and consulting customers, by using high technology equipment and giving special attention to each one of the clients, trying to satisfy them by emphasizing on the service process. According to the company’s 4’Vs profile which has been presented above, the variety that Mitsides, Samuel and Associates offers is extremely high because of flexibility that they give so they will fulfill all the needs of the customers.

    However, the volume of the company is relatively low because the staff doesn’t use the same working system for all the customers.

    Process Mapping And Supply Network Design

    The process map of the operation is the Pull System (DOD) because the customer provides the company with the architectural drawings (transformed resources) and once the customer will set up its specific orders for designing and constructing the building, the company uses his staff and the right equipment and at the end it produces satisfied customers.

    The Supply Network of Mitsides, Samuel and Associates looks like the direct supply network model that Dell used, were there is no Second-tier suppliers, there is only the First-tier Suppliers (of services), the company and the customers directly. First of all the company cooperates with Mechanical and Engineering Contractors, as well as Quantity Surveyors were they offer their services for the construction of the building, and Mitsides, Samuel and Associates don’t involve retailers (second-tier ustomers). [pic] The operation was established in Cyprus in 1977, offering Mechanical and Electrical Consultancy Services for a variety of projects and in 1983 expanded its operations to the Sultanate of Oman and established a registered office in Muscat. In Cyprus the practice continued its operation under the name of MITSIDES, SAMUEL + ASSOCIATES for work executed in Cyprus and under the name of INTERSOL ENGINEERING for work executed in the Sultanate of Oman and other overseas countries.

    Mitsides, Samuel and Associates offices are located in the centre of Nicosia, at Themistokli Dervi Street, were the entire 2nd Floor is devited to Mechanical Engineers and Electrical Engineers department. The company facilitates the accounting department, the two Managers offices, two conference rooms and the engineers and draftsmen offices. In the last 25 years the practice gained extensive experience on major projects in Cyprus and Overseas.

    In the Sultanate of Oman a recently completed project was a Military Camp for the Sultan’s Special Force and also in Cyprus two other prestigious projects undertaken by the company were the Central Bank of Cyprus Headquarters Building that was induded state of the art Building Management, Structured Cabling and Security Systems.

    Layout And Flow

    If we have in mind the 4Vs profiles of Mitsides, Samuel and Associates and if the figure below is taken into consideration then if we measure Variety (which is extremely high) and Volume (which is low) then the conclusion is that the Layout Type of the operation is the Fixed – Position Layout.

    That means that as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Consultancy office has to use heavy, large and delicate equipment for designing the buildings which makes access and facilities on moving things even more difficult. Therefore, the operation has space big enough for the staff to work on architectural drawings and the movement of office equipment or material is avoided as far as possible.

    Process Technology

    The company uses high technology equipment to perform the demands of providing consultancy services for building construction but the main elements of technology that are used in the operation is the computer software (CARRIER HAP System Design Load, AUTOCAD, Mechanical and Electrical estimating and design programs, HEVACOMP SOFTWARE) and also scanners and drafting plotter to transform architectural drawings.

    The company uses these high quality equipments so it will offer to the customer the best Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Consultancy service (QUALITY), focusing on delivering the project fast and on time (SPEED) and so the customers will be fully satisfy and prefer the company’s services again (DEPENDABILITY). JOB DESIGN Mitsides, Samuel and Associates is a company who provides good environmental conditions for all employees.

    All the offices are equipped with computers, libraries, air conditions and heating so the work environment will be more pleasant so the staff will work with enthusiasm and satisfaction. The strategy of the company selected is to offer to customer’s high quality results so the utilisation of all the latest software and design programs is one of the most important factors of the good reputation of the operation.

    The job description of this company is to offer consultancy services to developers or to anyone who desire to build a construction, so therefore, each member of the company has to do a certain task for specific projects. For example, the projects are divided to the staff and according with work experience of each one of them, they start to transform the architectural drawings, by using mechanical and electrical machines.

    Mitsides, Samuel and Associates, before starting the procedure for drawing machines on architectural drawings, so the mechanical and electrical contractors will install them, they perform one big research about what will be the cost of constructing a building and after by organizing a contest between multiple contractors, whoever has at the end the lowest price will be the most favourable one. The pleasant and friendly environment, with sunny and comfortable offices, but also the benefits that the company offers to their staff, is one of the main reason that they are productive.

    The Nature Of Planning And Control

    For this type of operation that provides consultancy services for mechanical and electrical installation on buildings, planning and control is required as soon as the customer will consider Mitsides, Samuel and Associates one of the most capable operation to deal with the project. First of all, due to timetable requirements that all the projects have the operation must complete all the appropriate and desirable specifications so they will deliver the project on time.

    Any possible changes on the architectural drawings according to what the customer will ask, are taking in mind and sometimes enough time is provided so the project will finish as soon as possible. However, before the operation starts a project, the manager and staff tries to make a plan about how much will the project cost, check what appropriate mechanisms should be, according with European Union standards and ISO: 9001-2000, and by consulting the customer who is the most appropriate to accomplish the project they officially entrust it to them.

    In this kind of procedures is not guaranteed that the project will be accomplished as it was planned, that is why there is a warranty letter where the customer will get a part of the money if any possible mistakes will happen. After planning what is required for the project, the control part of the operation starts where the operation is making sure that a complete detailed design and supervision will be accomplished so the customer will be fully satisfied.

    The strategy that Mitsides, Samuel and Associates is following is the “Externally Oriented Scheduling”, according to the figure below, because the time that the project should be finished is based on what the customer will decide, so by controlling the project the operation can manage to accomplish it according to schedule. Mitsides, Samuel and Associates is an operation who is based on what new is in the market of construction and always is researching for what is better and profitable for the project, and tries to finds the most reliable solutions for any problem that might occur.

    Inventory And Supply Chain Planning And Control

    The operation that I have selected keeps records of information, such as architectural drawings, mechanical and electrical specifications and any correspondence letter from Contractor, Developer or Mechanical and Electrical Engineer of all the projects. To keep up with the good work, Mitsides, Samuel and Associates is always searching into previous backups of projects that sometimes might have similar specifications and by discovering new materials they always have the best results.

    Most of the times, the mechanical or electrical systems that Mechanical or Electrical engineers use for constructing a building are similar, it depends on what the customer will ask for, so when the specifications of the project must be completed and the developers, architects and Contractors will accept and sign, they are using their experience on previous jobs by getting information through them. The operation’s main goal is to offer to the customer quality and dependability by keeping low cost profile and always finish the project on time, even if might be the possibility of any desirable changes.

    By keeping inventories of old projects means that the company needs less time to analyze the specifications of each mechanism and system that they use for the construction of a building because they have it already. The next step is to justify those specifications according to the project’s characteristics and after that to send them to the possible contractors to fill their offers. This procedure mostly takes one week and as soon as all the papers and contracts are signed the Contractor with the most profitable offer starts to construct the building according to architectural drawings.

    At the same time the company is sending the Mechanical or Electrical Engineer to inspect the construction and by finding any possible mistakes he or she make reports of the visit and informs all involved and after takes the right measures to fix them. Mitsides, Samuel and Associates is providing it services to foreign countries as well. As I mention before the company is undertaking projects, not only in Cyprus, under the name “Intersol Engineering”, giving them the chance to cooperate with important developer companies, and to involve into major projects.

    That means that the experience and good reputation of the company was increased in all these years of excellent work.

    Use of material requirement planning (mrp) enterprise resource planning (erp) and lean management techniques.

    The company tries to keep up always with the main strategy to offer to the customer high quality services without any critical mistakes and always according to deadlines that the developers have for one project. However, by planning and controlling the whole execution of the project helps preventing any undesirable result and organizing the work with the proper ay so it will finish “just in time”. By selecting, according to skills and qualifications who will be the Engineer who will work with a certain project, and by dividing the urgent and secondary activities that should be done, before the construction will start, the operation manage to control the process so it will be finished at the right time. The company is using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) where all the information of the projects are gathered and then each Engineer takes a specific part of the job and he or she is in charge of accomplishing it at a certain time.

    The benefits of following this kind of system are that the operation is following a special guidance plan so it will be possible to succeed their main goals and performance objectives which is low cost services, high speed in delivering the project, dependability, high quality and sometimes if its needed, flexibility. This is the reason why Mitsides, Samuel and Associates should follow the attributes of Lean philosophy like eliminate the waste, increase productivity, delivery services on the right time with the best quality, respect people having a pleasant working environment and promise commitment and integrity.

    By using the “Just in time” (JIT) approach they will be offering high quality services by using more synchronised ways like expanding responsibilities off all the members of the company, so they will have the chance to participate (team work) and not taking decisions from the beginning of the project but in the middle to eliminate any possible breakdowns.

    Quality Planning And Control

    Like I mention before, Mitsides, Samuel and Associates is a company that relies on the main factor of success and that is offering high quality services keeping their customers always satisfied.

    The operation is using always engineering solutions that first are safe to the environment and secondly are saving energy, but also is promising to the customers that they will accomplish the project, according to time schedules and the appropriate EU standards. The excellent quality services are measured by some characteristics like functionality, appearance, reliability, durability, recovery and contact. Functionality: according to these characteristic one of the main way to measure the quality of the operation is by researching if the project is finished according to the first specifications and architectural drawings.

    Mitsides, Samuel and Associates is always offering the most effective solutions, as we can see from previous work executions that finished with excellent results.

    Appearance: this characteristic can be measured only after the project is completed by the total aesthetic appeal of the construction and especially if the specifications and drawings were followed strictly.

    Reliability: the fact that a developer trusts the company to provide solutions for a very important construction means that qualifications and skills of that operation is well known and they rely on them.

    Durability: the construction of a building is something really important because if any uses of “bad” materials.


    Nigel Slack, Stuart Chambers, Robert Johnson (2007), Operations Management, fifth edition, Essex:Pearson

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