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How is Benedick’s attitude to love and marriage presented by Shakespeare in Act 2 Scene 3. lines 181-213 and how does this differ from Act 1 Scene 1. lines 119-182? Shakespeare’s drama. ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ has a similar secret plan to a modern romantic comedy: the lovers fall apart from an vague turn ( by and large misrepresentation for being unfaithful or unpatriotic to your spouse ) . but subsequently on. all of those jobs would be resolved when the scoundrel admits to his offense or gets discovered. This confession would convey the lovers back together once more. in which the comedy would hold ended. Romantic comedies would besides utilize really similar devices such as wordplaies. play on words. repeat. elements of surprise. stupidity or exaggeration.

These devices were all used in the drama. ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ . which helped underscore parts of the drama or do it look more humourous. The rubric ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ besides suggests to us that the histrions have been disputing for no peculiar ground ; we will anticipate a great sum of misconstruing which follows the secret plan of a romantic comedy. ‘Nothing’ ( from the play’s rubric ) has a dual significance. which sounded really similar in the Elizabethan and Jacobethan reign. Both Benedick and Claudio talk about ‘Noting’ ( detecting ) Hero. Leonato’s girl which is besides seen in other parts of the drama. There are a batch of ‘notings’ every bit good as ‘nothings’ .

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In Act 1 Scene 1. Benedick has strong feelings about his misogynism which are instantly showed after Claudio acknowledging his love to immature Hero. In the citation. ‘Yea. and a instance to set it into. But speak you this with a sad forehead? Or make you play the flouting Jack. to state us Cupid is a good harefinder and Vulcan a rare carpenter? Come. in what cardinal shall a adult male return you. to travel in the vocal? ’ ( Act 1 Scene 1 lines 135-138 ) is where Benedick is oppugning Claudio’s love for Hero. The sentence from the citation. ‘Or do you play the flouting Jack. to state us Cupid is a good harefinder and Vulcan a rare carpenter?

Come. in what cardinal shall a adult male return you. to travel in the vocal? ’ tells us that Benedick is happening this all as an amusement so he pretends to believe that Claudio is mocking him by taging eccentric comments. He besides uses a series of inquiries to demo his incredulity of Claudio’s confession and his alteration of attitude to adult females. The word ‘case’ besides emphasises that Benedick besides speaks of Hero as ownership which he can conceal off whenever he desired. This shows us clearly that in the drama. ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ . adult females lived in a patriarchal society. even in the Elizabethan and Jacobethan period: adult females lived in a male-dominated society. This makes the character seem really dedicated to his beliefs. but expresses his sentiments to other people in a witty manner.

The citation. ‘Is’t come to this? In religion. hath non the universe one adult male. but he will have on his cap with intuition? Shall I ne’er see a unmarried man of three mark once more? Travel to. i’faith. and thou wilt demands thrust thy cervix into a yoke. wear the print of it. and sigh off Sundays. Look. Don Pedro is returned to see you. ’ ( Act 1 Scene 1 lines 146-150 ) . tells us that Benedick thinks that matrimony is a trap ; it is servile and deadening. He thinks that every married woman is traveling to rip off on their hubby one clip in their life. so this tells us that adult females were usually mistrusted. Benedick thinks that disbursement every spot of trim clip around your married woman is a waste of clip. when you can really bask life of a unmarried man. ‘Sigh off Sundays’ is used because Sundays were known as the lone twenty-four hours of free clip in the Elizabethan and Jacobethan period. This was where the townsmen met for church in the forenoon. gossiped. played games and enjoyed imbibing a couple pints of ale.

So. unluckily. if you were married all the trim clip would hold evolved round your married woman. In Branagh’s version of Much Ado About Nothing. Benedick strains from incredulity. choler lifting. while about ptyalizing out the words from his disgust. He smacks Claudio. in choler. for go forthing the unmarried mans as his pitch and volume acquiring higher for each and every word. Benedick continues to speak with disgust while Claudio is mutely simpering at his words. Benedick’s facial looks and gestures helps the audience understand precisely how he is experiencing towards the affair. It besides might be a bit humourous because from how Benedick is turn toing his gestures to Claudio. He besides seems a spot aggressive at times. which may look as a demand to halt loving. This helps us. as an audience. to understand the Much Ado About Nothing’s book. Not merely because the linguistic communication is less complex. but how the facial looks and gestures help us understand the emotions the characters are experiencing.

‘I can see yet without eyeglassess. and I see no such affair. There’s her cousin. and she were non possessed with a rage. exceeds her every bit much in beauty as the first of May doth the last of December. But I hope you have no purpose to turn hubby. hold you? ’ ( Act 1 Scene 1 lines 140-144 ) tells us that Benedick is emotionally attracted to Beatrice. This is the first piece of grounds shown by Benedick for loving Beatrice. He even compliments her comparing her to the beauty of May and December ; nevertheless. this compliment was followed by an abuse: ‘possessed with rage. ’ This suggests that she is controlled and ruled by her rage. I think that Benedick had let his compliment faux pas out. but craftily covered it by feigning nil had happened. Therefore. Benedick knows deep indoors. he is in love with Beatrice. but unluckily doesn’t want to uncover it. so he denies his manner out of it. This makes the audience admiration what would go on if Benedick fell in love with Beatrice and how severely he would fall. This creates suspense which urges the reader to go on watching or reading the drama.

In Act 2 Scene 3. Benedick’s attitude to love and matrimony has changed. This instantly is showed in his monologue. which is where Benedick finds out about Beatrice’s ‘love’ for him. In the citation. ‘I did ne’er believe to get married. I must non look proud. happy are they that hear their petty criticisms. and can set them to repairing: they say the lady is just. ’ Ti a truth. I can bear them witness. And virtuous. ‘tis so. I can non admonish it. And wise. but for loving me…’ ( Act 2 Scene 3 lines 186-190 ) shows us the immediate alteration because earlier. he was definite that he would stay a unmarried man. Whereas now. he decides that his mistakes could be amended. He is utilizing feel foring Beatrice as an alibi to demo his interior feelings. Before Benedick was contemptuous and dry but now he has become sincere and bang-up. He thinks it is all right. to alter your head about things. ‘I did ne’er believe to get married. I must non look proud. happy are they that hear their petty criticisms. and can set them to mending’ Tells us that he thinks he can alter his head and no 1 would detect. even after all the mocking Claudio received for squealing his love for Hero.

The citation. ‘The lady is fair…and virtuous… and wise…’ is where Benedick shows his esteem for Beatrice ; he acts like Beatrice is the most desirable adult female. even though she is ‘possessed from rage. ’ Benedick besides compliments her without an abuse. This shows us the immediate alteration of his attitude to love and marriage. merely after hearing that Beatrice loved her a few proceedingss ago and Don Pedro blandishing Benedick and naming his good properties to do him experience worthy for Beatrice. This makes the audience feel that Benedick is rather impractical but it may besides look rather humourous from how he has changed and how he is faulting something else for his alteration of attitude. non his true love for Beatrice.

In Branagh’s version. Benedick seems to utilize manus gestures to show his over overdone emotions. He shakes his caput in incredulity but knows it is true because even Leonato and Hero were mentioned. His pitch rises as he feels more and more sympathy to Beatrice. When he gets to ‘I must non look proud’ . his facial look alterations and he rolled his eyes ; he seems to be huffy with himself for badgering Beatrice. This helps the audience understand how Benedick is experiencing and besides makes them inquire what go on if Benedick and Beatrice got together and how Claudio. Leonato. Ursula. Hero and Don Pedro would respond.

The citation. ‘I may opportunity hold some uneven oddities and leftovers of humor broken on me because I have railed so long against matrimony. but doth non the appetency alter? A adult male loves the meat in his young person. that he can non digest his age. Shall quirps and sentences. and these paper slugs of the encephalon awe a adult male from the calling of his temper? No! The universe must be peopled. ’ ( Act 2 Scene 3 lines 192-194 ) is where Benedick has realised that now he will be the 1 who is mocked about being in love so he uses many alibis to conceal the fact that he is genuinely in love with Beatrice. He asks many rhetorical inquiries to underscore his points. which may entertain the audience.

‘I may opportunity hold some uneven oddities and leftovers of humor broken on me because I have railed so fifty against matrimony. but doth non the appetency alter? ’ is where Benedick is stating that people may badger him here and at that place. but admirations if it truly does affair because everyone’s sentiments change. This shows his accounts may non work out because everyone knows that Benedick love Beatrice. but has a different manner of nearing it.

‘No! The universe must be peopled’ is another alibi Benedick uses. He might be mentioning that adult females were merely used to bring forth offspring. He might be stating that he is merely in love with Beatrice to bring forth offspring.

This besides links back to the Elizabethan times. even in the nuptials vows. the priest asks the hubby if he would take the married woman as his ownership so many adult females were pressurised to fulfill their sexual demands.

Benedick may besides be stating that their relationship together is merely at that place because the universe needs more of the younger coevals. This is really eccentric because even in the Elizabethan or Jacobethan times. they had adequate people in younger coevals.

In Branagh’s version of the movie. Benedick uses manus gestures to show his emotions. At first. he is really expressive and descriptive but alterations into earnestness when he reaches to the line ‘Shall quirps and sentences…’ Then. he about shouted out ‘No! The universe must be peopled. ’ It seems like he is seeking to convert himself that his alibis are really right. so that it would be easier to convert the others.

His alterations in temper would entertain the audience. but will at the same clip. Benedick would assist them because it helps us understand what is go oning and we can think what will go on next.

Overall. I think that Benedick loved Beatrice all the manner. but unhappily. didn’t want to demo it because Beatrice might mock him. This possibly because she is non a typical Elizabethan women—she is unafraid. loud and truthful. which is non at all similar Hero.

I think that it was all a misinterpretation because Benedick thought Beatrice hated him and so did Beatrice. They didn’t show their emotions and it all seemed to be locked off. except when they were jesting about each other. They gave the feeling that they hated each other but deep interior. but it was precisely the antonym.

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