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One good activity that will build multicultural education as critical pedagogy is cross cultural student teacher approach. Whereas students from one culture will act as a student teacher in teaching the arts, science, math or any subject to other students from different culture.

In this activity teachers will also advise their students to take down important things about the culture of the students they are teaching and reflect on each observation that they come up with. In this case multicultural education will create equal educational information about students from other diverse, racial, ethnic, social class and cultural groups and acquires them knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to effectively function on a democratic society with equal opportunities among students.

This activity will make them interact, negotiate and communicated with people from diverse groups in order to create a civic and moral community that all works for the sake of the common good.

Here, the students will think critically about their education situation, through this way of thinking they will began to recognize connections between their individual problems and experience and the social contexts which they are imbedded. This will sooner result in a social transformation because after they have learned something about other cultures, they will be able to adjust.

The student often begins as a member of the group or process (including religion, national identity, cultural norms, or expected roles) he or she is critically studying. After the student reaches the point of revelation (received wisdom) where he or she begins to view present society as deeply problematic, the next behavior encouraged is sharing this

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knowledge, paired with an attempt to change the oppressive nature of the society. (wikipedia)

It will make students involve on activities that will motivate them and make them become critical thinkers. At the same time it empowers them to cope up with the different cultures of their co-students and bridges the gap among cultural differences.


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