Murder and Macbeth Essay

Expository Essay:

Lord Acton once said, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Write an essay in which you analyze Macbeth as a round character who has become corrupted by his ambitious power.

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Murder and Macbeth
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Round Character- Character that changes throughout the play.

SAT Vocabulary- Metamorphosis- Change
Transformation- Change

As a round character. Macbeth undergoes a metamorphosis throughout the play, transforming form a noble hero into a bloodthirsty tyrant.

I Introduction
II Body: Macbeth in the beginning of the play:
-Macbeth was a courageous hero who fought to save Scotland from the Irish and Norwegians. -He was loyal and brave because he risked his life for Scotland and King Duncan. III Body#2: Macbeth’s transformation begins: When he thinks of murdering Duncan to make the prophecy of becoming king true.

-Macbeth kills Duncan to become king; though he hesitate he ends up doing the deed. IIII Body#3: Macbeth murders to maintain his power.
-Macbeth has his best friend murdered and tries to kill Fleance in order to maintain his reign.
-Macbeth kills Banquo because he was the only one he was afraid of; he wanted to eliminate his competition.
-Macduff’s family murdered because of the first apparition and he feared the family’s power. IIIII Body#4: Macbeth has been completely by his power
-Macbeth to believe he can be defeated.
He has no more power left; the solider’s doing even want to fight for him. People are fleeing Scotland to get away from his oppressive reign.
-The apparitions deceive him; he is defeated by Macduff and will remember forever as an evil ruler.

1st Sentence- Hook/Lead – Attention Grabber
Ex: Power can make you reckless and drive you to do the unthinkable Ex: When someone is given power, they are given complete control; it can change their demeanor completely 2nd Sentence-Restate the prompt

Ex: Lord Action once said. “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Thesis Statement;
In William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth is a round character who undergoes a metamorphosis throughout the play, changing from a noble hero into a bloodthirsty tyrant.

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