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The term “Romantic” best describes my personality since I am extremely spontaneous and incredibly emotional and a free-spirited individual, who enjoys being around others who also hold similar traits.

We seem to be in the middle of a “Romantic” era in music since we can at any given point, turn on music and listen to various pieces that demonstrates such qualities as easy listening and emotional songs that seem to reach into our own lives and bring out feelings of sentiment that can carry us off to places that erupt forgotten memories or present feelings - Music case introduction. This type of music forces us to ask ourselves questions about our own lives and relationships.


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I feel that our music today, is very much similar to music that our parents listened to decades ago, since they also were raised in an era that offered music that reflected emotional sentiment and through music, their personalities were shaped more toward the “Romantic” style of music where they matured to be more emotional, sentimental and easy going adults.

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