Music’s Healing Powers

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Medicine for Oliver Sacks is a family tradition. There are many different emotions and experiences that come with music for different people, but in this essay music is medicine to help people heal quicker. Whether its excitement, calming, comforted, mystified or even haunted people draw attention to music and don’t realize the capabilities it has on healing the body. Current data suggest that’s voice training can be applied as a short-term stress management technique, as it promotes a different way of looking at oneself and the world.

Voice Training as a Healing Power: A Pilot Study describes a study that explored whether improved vocal techniques lead to significant changes in well-being. The results from this study suggest that participation in voice training exercises can help individuals shift from guarded or impersonal registers to more authentic expressions of personality. This study also found that since voice training has a physical component, it improved participants’ physical as well as mental and emotional health.

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Ever since the 19th century North Americans has more time to pursue the arts Wiens, Harold said “Music training developed as a culture of its own, not merely to cultivate aesthetic appreciation and skill development, but also to promote therapeutic benefits. ” Hunter (1998, 1999) believed that cultures around the world have long linked religious beliefs and rituals with music and its healing powers.

Studies have found positive effects of music assisted imagery, voice training, music and physical excise, and voice training and breathing in various applications, including improving the auto-immune system, assisting expectant mothers during labour, treating post-traumatic stress disorder among adults, healing the wounds of childhood abuse, treating arthritis and lupus, and reducing pain using muscle-relaxation and music-mediated imagery. These studies found benefits of physical relaxation in voice training. “Singing their hearts out once a week has brought health benefits for staff and patients at a mental health trust. Healing Power of Song says; Singing workshops are helping to transform the lives of mental health trust service users. Research shows that music therapy can help people living with long-term mental health problems, although there is a little research on communal singing. Many people have found the workshops have helped reduce their depression or anxiety. Sing your heart out groups started in 2004. The sheet music is from the former Norfolk by the London Mozart players. Around 1,000 pieces of music were scored for the Asylum Band. Sing your heart out groups have performed at the national institute for mental health annual conference.

People say they have derived great benefit from joining Sing your Heat Out. They started on a weekly basis. The venue was important as they did not want it to become an institutional type of activity, so they found a building at some distance from the main hospital site. Excitement, calming, comforted, mystified or even haunted people draw attention to music and don’t realize the capabilities it has on healing the body. This is true from the studies and work shown in the previous paragraphs. Music can help heal any problem that occurs to a human they just have to know how to embrace it.

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