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Islamic Faith Christianity and Judaism

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The Islamic belief is one of the the largest in the world. The other two religions are Christianity and Judaism. All three of these religions are montheistic, which means they all believe in one God.

And they all also believe in the same God. While the other two religions may call God, God, the Muslims do not. They refer to God as Allah. The word Islam means to surrender.

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Islamic Faith Christianity and Judaism
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It emphasizes the oneness, uniqueness, transcendence and utter otherness of God. There are many interesting things about the Muslim faith, such as the way the ways in which they are similar to the other two major religions of the world, the Five Pillars of Faith, and the things the Muslims are Many Muslims do not like to be compared to the other religions, and they say that there are no similarities, but in reality there are.

Even though the Muslim faith, in many ways is very different from the other two religions, yet they share the same views about things.

The main thing they all agree on is that there is only one true God.

In the Christian faith, they have the 10 commandments that were sent down to earth from God, that tell the people of the land the things they should do and the things they should not do. Even though the Muslims to not claim to have anything of this sort, they do have unwritten laws about Allah. They believe that Allis one, without any partners. They say that there is no other God before God.

This here is also found in the ten commandments. The one major thing that makes the Islamic faith different is that they believe that Muhammad was God’s chosen servant, and His messenger who was sent her on earth to do His work. Also, the Muslims read out of the Qu’ran which is their holy book. The Qu’ran is the word of Allah. They believe that it came from Him as speech, but it is not possible to say how.

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Islamic Faith Christianity and Judaism. (2018, Sep 07). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/muslim-doctrines-essay/

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