My Career Plan Essay

How can knowing your ideal work culture help you in determining appropriate channels for communication? Work culture is the cohesiveness that connects employees within an organization. .

Since work cultures differ between organizations, it is important to know how to communicate and maintain effectiveness. Employees communicate everyday by phone, email messaging, meetings, text messaging, and presentations. In the workforce, employees can spend most of their day communicating; which is why good communication skills are essential.As a team all employees must come together to function as one unit.

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My Career Plan
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It takes various skills and talents for each team member to combine them together to be successful. A team has to remain supporting of one another that you can all learn by experience and grow together as a team. What do your results tell you about how you communicate? What steps will you take to improve the quality of your messages? A communication skill is important skills that you need to succeed in any work workplace.

To be successful, the receiver must understand the message that the sender intended.

Misunderstanding and confusion can cause enormous problems to the workplace. You must be comfortable with the different channels of communication and you need to be effective at all points in the communication process. Defensiveness is a source of problems in communications and also can be a typical response. There are six steps allows the sender to minimize this defensiveness.

Being respectful, honest and clear will more likely result in a productive communication process.

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