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My cat Cats are great companions - My Cat Essay introduction. Why do I say that you ask? I have six cats myself. Actually the cats belong to me and my family except for two in particular. They are both female calico cats who are both very special to me. Let me tell you a little bit about both of them. The oldest one is Galaxy, and she is nine years old. My dad, sister, and myself got her from the humane society in Palm Beach County, Florida. My mom was up in Michigan at the time and had no idea what we were doing.

We just went for a visit but it was love at first sight. My sister and me begged my dad till he finally got her. On the way home my sister came up with the name Galaxy, and it seemed to fit, so we all agreed. Not only do I love her but she loves me to. She follows me around, she rubs on me, she jumps in my lap, makes me pet her, and she talks to me. Galaxy has competition for my affection. My other calico cats name is September.

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My sister brought September into the house around two years ago when she was a kitten. She found her outside and decided that she needed a home. My sister named this cat also. Once she came into our house she seemed to prefer me and my room which she wont leave ever! September has her very own litter box, scratching pad, food and water, and my bed. She sleeps with me every night and gets hair on every thing. She loves me just as much as Galaxy.

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