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My Childhood Memory

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Some believes that whoever and whatever you are when you’re old it would always reflect of what kind of child you were before. Not all of us have a good memory when we were a child. We had different experiences and it would always be private and secret unless we would like to uncover it and share it to other people.

Well, it depends to what kind of experience we have. If it is bad then we just don’t like to share it and we often keep it a secret forever but if it is a happy on then we are more than willing to tell the story to everyone.

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My Childhood Memory
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I, myself had wonderful childhood experience that I would treasure for the rest of my life. It was a happy memory, I had my parents with who guided me from the very moment of my life, I have my friends, they were actually my neighbor whom I always play with everyday, I have my cousins whom I visited every Saturday and Sunday, I have my grandparents whom I stay if I was bored in our house.

I was the only child at that time, maybe we were not rich but my parent was able to support me and somehow gave me the things that I need and want. I can eat whatever I want especially my favorite foods and I can play the toys I wanted to have.

Just a typical childhood experience but it was meaningful for me. I enjoyed playing from morning until night and if my mother will not arrived from her work well, I can’t think of going home. Maybe because I was alone at home, I really don’t want to stay home. My mother often scolded me because I always played the whole time of my life. During at night, after eating, I usually went out and look for fireflies. While I was busy keeping those fireflies inside the bottle, my mother would start calling me to sleep. And in the morning, as a little child with a little understanding, I used to wonder why my firefly doesn’t have any light at all. The one day, my mother and father told me that we will be leaving our place soon. My mother was transferred to work to another place so all of us must go.

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