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My Desires And Commitment For A College Education

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My Desires for and Commitment to a college EducationMy Desires to go to college and to get a Degree began many years ago when I was in the fifth grade and my teacher kept telling me that I would need a college education if I wanted to be successful in this lifetime. I want to make a commitment to college because I want to succeed in the business world, have a successful job and I want to set a good example for me brothers and sistersI first want to first make a commitment to Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University because I want to learn more about the business world and a clear understanding of the whole stock market.

In addition, I wanted to learn the different ways that different businesses can operate, with different countries around the world. Handling all kinds of business transactions, sending this and that to here and there at a certain time, and what the CEO of the business had to go through with, and all of the effort that it took for them to finally began their own business.

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My Desires And Commitment For A College Education
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I also feel that what I have learned here in the Coral Reef Senior High Business and Finance Academy, has encouraged me to continue to learn more about businesses throughout the world and that it will put me ahead of some things that most students have not learned, even thought I have a lot to find out.

I also want to go to college because I think that it would help me pursue a very successful job after I am finish with my college education. I have learned by observing others that the people who are making the money in this world today started their education in the many colleges around the world. In addition, I have learned that when you have different degrees from college, that it looks good on your resume when you go to job interviews. Moreover, when you want to work for someones business they are looking to hire someone who they feel has the knowledge of a college education because they feel that they would know a lot more about the business world. Because all businesses have to compete, and they are not going to hire no dummy to mess up their opportunities of making money. Therefore, the person who only has a high school education cannot contribute that of a person who is a college graduate.

To go to college and graduate has been a goal for me because of one thing, the example that was set by sister, and my cousin who recently graduated from college. The same example that they set for is the same one that I want to set for my little sister and brothers. To always do your best and to strive of nothing but the best. As a freshman in high school, I would always sit back and watch as my sister tried her hardest to do her best in school. To actually put time in her work, and to accomplish her goals so that she could go to college and get her degree. Now as the years past and time change I see that I have to follow that path and set the same example for my little brothers and sisters so that they to can have the same success that she has, that I have, and hopefully they will have.


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