My Experience with Reading Essay

- My Experience with Reading Essay introduction.

My Experience with Reading

I had been informed by my grandmother, a very religious lady, that in order to become a better, more successful, and more wonderful human being, one has to learn as much as possible.  Hence, I turned to reading voraciously.

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My Experience with Reading
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     I used to imagine that reading was a painful exercise, and I basically knew everything there was to know about my life and circumstances.  However, my formal education was teaching me that human knowledge never feels complete.  So I turned to books, as many as I found intriguing enough on the surface, to learn and know and grow as much as possible.

     I have read self-help books, as well as religious texts.  I have had a wonderful experience with novels and poetry just as much as I have enjoyed books on science.  As a matter of fact, I love reading so much that I do not mind learning anything whatsoever!  Now that I am a reader, I can scan newspapers rather quickly, and at social gatherings I can talk to just about anyone.

     Indeed, reading has had the greatest effect on my life in the last four years.  I know more than I knew before I turned to book after book in these years.  It did not stop me from concentrating on my formal education, however.  Rather, I believe that I became a better student as a result of extracurricular reading.

     At present, I enjoy thinking in a variety of ways.  I enjoy the feel of knowing the right answers.  The only disadvantage I have experienced in this regard is that many of my friends cannot relate to me now because I appear too intelligent to them.  All the same, my experience has led them to also believe in the power of increasing knowledge.  They, too, wish to start reading more often now.  And, I am proud to have been a good influence on them.

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