My First Day at New School Essay

After I came to the United States, I began to attend North Penn High School on Dec - My First Day at New School Essay introduction. 6, 2000. It was a day that I will never forget. My first day in a foreign school was a especially hard for me. During my first day in a new school, I felt nervous, lonely, and sad. First, I was very nervous because my school was huge. There were around three thousand students who were studying in the school; furthermore, there were around three hundred staff members in the school. My class schedule was hard for me to understand.

Since I had never seen that kind of schedule before, I could not find my classes on time. Also, I was frightened of asking other students for directions because I did not know how to speak English. My first class was Biology, and I was already late for the class. Fortunately, I saw a security guard walking around in the hallway, who helped me to find my class. Many times I have asked teachers for directions too; I was late getting to all of my classes. Moreover, my teachers got mad at me and told me not to be late every time.

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Second, I felt lonely because there was not anyone with whom I could talk. There were too many students walking around the school, but they never smiled at me or said “Hi” or “Hello” to me. In addition, in my world culture class, students had to work in a group, and no one wanted to work with me. There were all American students in my class; they were talking in English and making fun of me because I did not know English very well. Moreover, during the lunch period, I had to sit alone in the cafeteria, when other students were enjoying their lunch period with their friends.

Also, I felt sadness at that time, because I missed my friends and family very much. When I was in school back in India, my two best friends, Swati and Bijal, and I used to go to school together everyday; if one of us did not understand any concepts, we always helped each other out. Swati and Bijal always had told me that I was going to miss them and advised me not to go to America. On the one hand, they knew that it was going to be hard for me to understand the language, the people and the school. On the other hand, I was so excited to go to foreign country.

I was thinking that few people get a chance to move to the U. S. A. ; for that reason, I considered myself lucky, and I did not listen to them. If I had listened to them, then I would never have had this kind of problem in school. Finally, my first day in a foreign school was so terrible that I will never forget it. Every face belonged to a stranger, and every voice seemed foreign to my ears. On that day, I experienced nervousness, loneliness, and sadness at the same time. Whenever I have to go to a new place, I always remember my first day at the new school, which makes me so nervous.

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