My First Developmental Need

My first developmental need is to gain a professional qualification within HR - My First Developmental Need introduction. I have proven to be a thinking performer and am in need of formal qualifications to enhance and strengthen my knowledge, skills and performance within the workplace, in order to satisfy this development need I have enrolled on this CIPD Level 5 certificate in HRM, I also take much pride in reading publications both online and in magazines such as People Management and UCEA updates and following changes within Employment law such as the recent change to pension auto-enrolment.

I prefer to take a hands on approach and be involved whenever possible with new projects within the organisation, it is also very important to ensure this is reviewed regularly to ensure I am staying on track. As noted in page 124 of Studying Human Resource Management “CPD is not a one-off activity; it is a lifelong commitment to continually improving your knowledge and skills” Another career aspiration I have and am working towards is to improve the communication between HR as a department and the rest of the departments within the University.

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I aim to do this by ensuring regular meetings between ourselves and the departmental managers at which we can raise any on-going issues to ensure all are dealt with correctly and effectively hopefully improving the relationship through communication.

I have also started weekly recruitment update e-mails between myself and the department administrator to ensure that recruitment process runs smoothly, I have found that this is very beneficial to both myself and the department and the recruitment process is understood better by the department, the process has also run smoother as it is a chance to push forward any outstanding issues. Need to think of third development need. Attach all 3 to a learning style???? Reflect on the plan?

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