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I attended Hoya language school near the New York City for two months when I was six years old - My first time in the U.S. introduction. I have so much beautiful and haunting memories about these days. I value those so much now and they become a source of my later reflection on life and identity.

Actually, this is my first time being in a foreign country. I stumbled through language that was new and weird to me even though I already learned some basic things such as alphabet and several simple expressions. I was also surprised at people’s eccentric appearance. I was particularly struck watching people with blonde hairs, blue eyes, and grand stature. I realized the existence of extraterrestrials. Before visiting the United States, I thought every person had black hairs and eyes and short height.


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In spring in America, I had very delightful and mild weather. The good weather called my mind into the hilly small mountains and peaceful and extensive fields. I was captivated by America’s stillness. I could not imagine the being of the serene place when I was straitened by the tangled and uproarious environment in Seoul.

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is just same as the New York City. Seoul, aggressive and strong, possesses many different and unexpected faces. To be a guest here was to be swept up in a turbulent, interminable flood of human interaction. I was tired of the impatient noise of traffic and the hurried and boisterous pace of city. I also didn’t like the fact that Seoul was surrounded by the mountains. It seemed just like a suffocating prison. America was my new world. In other words, America was my sheer paradise.

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