My Future Plans For Life

The next five years of my life will be the most crucial  years. They will be the platform on which I will build the rest of my life upon. Unlike most people, what I hope to study isn’t what I grew up hoping I would make of myself. My passion has always been music, it’s what makes me the happy. After some thought, I chose to take the safer route and went with a career that is more secure and lucrative. Within these next few years I hope to further my education and earn a degree in Dental Hygiene.

So far I’ve only worked for one employer my entire life. I feel really lucky to have found an employer like the on eI have today, it’s a great place to work at if you are a student. They have respected my schedule and provided me with a great environment to work in. They have given me so many opportunities. Just this year I was given the opportunity to attend a program in which I would learn basic managing skills among many other things. Even though I do not hold a management position at the moment, I use the skills I’ve learned from this program every day; in and outside of work. I see myself working at my employer as long as my student career allows me to. Until recently, my life for the past 2 years has revolved around my job. Because out of school for so long, my desire to attend school slowly started to fade as I became wrapped up in the retail world. Applying to college was proving to be a huge hassle considering I was an out of state student. In order to avoid additional fees I had to wait over a year to even apply; because of this I started to feel discouraged.

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After hearing many horror stories of friends finishing degrees and not being able to actually put them to good use do to the rapid decline in our job market, I was very hesitant to even bother going to school again but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t at least try. From the time I moved down here; which was a little less than 2 years ago I’ve struggled with depression which has slowed me down a lot. Being a New Yorker I was used to getting around freely thanks to the MTA. Leaving everything I knew felt like I was starting from scratch. Getting around proved to be the hardest challenge specially since I didn’t own a car or have a license at the time. I also didn’t know many people at all. I started to lose a lot of confidence in myself. Although attending college has constantly been on the back of my mind it was not my main priority for a long time. Until, very unexpectedly I met someone who never stopped encouraging me to make the decision to attend college. Working towards that goal helped me focus on my future instead of dwelling on my current situation. I soon enrolled in school and I finally feel like I have left that stagnant part of my life, I am finally working towards a brighter future.

Within the next year, I plan on leaving my parent’s home in order to live closer to my job and campus. It’s going to be a huge change for me; I’ll be somewhat on my own for the first time and I have to be sure about my financial stability before I commit. Rent would be a little less than half of my income while the rest is enough to cover the rest of my finances such as food, tuition, and gas. I recently switched departments within my store which requires a lot less stressful work. I am also do for another raise soon which will help greatly with my tuition since I do not qualify for financial aid grants. Starting this upcoming year I need to finish my prerequisites and as many general core courses as I can in order to be eligible to apply for the Dental Hygiene program at the Miami-Dade Medical Campus. This means I will be required to obtain 17 credits before the next fall semester. It will probably be the most difficult thing I’ve ever done in my life with balancing a part-time job and going to school full-time.I plan on taking 12 credits this Spring semester in order to catch up by the time the Fall Semester rolls around. In two years I hope to be enrolled in the Dental Hygiene program. Dental Hygienist are in charge of general teeth cleaning while also educating patients about ways they can improve their overall dental health as well as teaching patients about the best oral hygiene practices and nutrition. First I will have to take the Computerized Placement Test, once I do that I will enroll in the program and hopefully be on my way to getting a degree in my future career. Although it’s only a two year program I have read that it can be highly stressful and demanding; especially if you are employed.

Throughout those 2 years I plan on making it a habit of visiting various Dental offices to speak to Dental Hygienists about their careers. This program will require my undivided attention for the next two years. I will have to keep up with a required amount of credits, in a specific order each year in order to proceed with the program which is what makes it as difficult as it is. Each semester requires an average of 15 credits. I would like to continue working 3-4 days a week which would round up to 24-31 hours a week and attend school 3 days a week. In 3 years, I plan on having finished school with a bachelor’s in Dental Hygiene. By then I’ll begin looking for jobs back in New York City and other North Eastern states. I don’t plan on living in Miami for the rest of my life or more than just a couple of more years. With the help of my significant other I hope to rent a one bedroom apartment in a convenient location with a budget of $1,000 for rent. It will surely be a stretch but moving out of Miami has been a goal of mine ever since I got here. If my plans don’t happen as so, I will invest that money on a new car. I’ve been driving around in a beat up 1998 Subaru that has driven my family from New York to Miami and back twice, it’s been a reliable car but it’s definitely time for an upgrade. Although I’ve become attached to my car it’d be nice to not drive a car that’s older than my brother. In the next 4 or 5 years I would love to go on a long travel trip.

They will be my selfish years. I’ve always fantasized about watching sunsets and sunrises all around the world. One plays I’ve always wanted to visit is Costa Rica. Now that I am living in Miami it’s only 4 hours away. One of my favorite things to do is walk around some neighborhoods in Miami while picking all the various exotic fruits I see and coming home with fists full of delights to munch on. It’s one of the things I’m most excited about doing, going to the various markets, seeing and trying strange fruits I’ve never even seen. Europe is one of those places everyone dreams of visiting. I plan on starting with a U.S to London flight since it tends to be far cheaper than any other European destination. The amount of travel time I have available will help me plan out a reasonable travel plan. I want to spend more time in countries like Netherlands, England, Ireland, and Scotland. The least amount of time I have in Spain, Germany, and Poland. Most people when traveling tend to spend all the time inside museums.

Although I love museums, I want to have more of a local experience. I want to visit the bars, the restaurants, eat the street food, and maybe even attend a couple of events. I’m not sure what exactly I should expect from the next five years of my life. I can only plan ahead, surround with people who encourage me to do well, and hope for the best outcome. It seems like such a long amount of time but years tend to go by faster and faster these days. Setting clear goals is crucial in order to survive in today’s world. Setting goals will help bring clarity and give me the drive I need in order to achieve my end vision. These goals will allow me to get the best out of life by helping me make concrete decisions while staying true to my desires. I will continue to plan out my foreseeable future to ensure I stay on the right track.

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