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Overall I find this description very accurate both in a positive way and in a negative one. For instance it says that I am very self directed, which could be a very positive trait, but as I am serving in the USAF this naturally means that  I often have to obey orders rather than making my own decisions. Also as a military person I perhaps need to concentrate more on being a team player when necessary. An armed force needs to be all aiming at the same goal or chaos will ensue. The fact that  I am quite highly self-motivated means  that sometimes I find it difficult when others are making the decisions that affect my life, but I chose this career and need to make the best of it.

I do set high standards for myself, but believe that these are achievable with effort, rather than unrealistic goals that would cause frustration and failure.

A possible negative aspect of my personality is that I can put the task involved first, rather than fully considering the people involved. Sometimes the concerns that they may have about a situation will affect the outcome and so need to be listened to, but I am aware that I don’t always do this patiently when I have a goal in view.

I am technically competent and need to use this, not just to get where I intend, but also to share my abilities with others so that they can, where necessary, improve their own levels of competence.

I have found this exercise both thought provoking and useful. It is good, from time to time, to get an honest opinion that we can rely on even if it is not always a comfortable experience.

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