My Hero Essay

My Hero

Couple days ago I was asked who I consider to be my hero? It is not some difficult mathematical question, however I didn’t have an answer at that time. Maybe it’s not important, maybe it’s unnecessary, but I spent some time thinking about all the different people in order to find that only one, my hero. Now you probably think that I will give a large account on my chosen one. Well, here I have to upset you.

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My Hero
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I have no one, or in other words – everyone! I know it’s a little weird, but that’s my truth.
The first question I asked myself was ‘what is a hero’? Is it someone we admire? Or someone who admires us? Is it a person close to us? Or unreal/fictional character that we can only imagine? If we look a little deeper in the meaning of the word ‘hero’, we find out that its roots reach Greek language in which it means ‘protector’ or ‘defender’.

Even though this is the basic definition, I dare to disagree with it at some point. Why, you ask me? For a very simple reason: I think that there are as many heroes as there are people on the earth. So, there are 6.9 milliard different heroes, with their own stories, their own victories and achievements and their own admirers. Thus basically, a hero is someone you want him to be, someone you create in your head and it helps you to walk through life, as it becomes your role model which reflects you. That is the main reason why heroes change with time – it is because we change.
When I was little I had thousands of heroes – my Barbie doll with her mansion, Cinderella, Sleeping beauty and more fairylike characters and toys. At that time it was my life, it were things that surrounded me all the time. Anyone and anything that was colorful, cute and sweet could have been my hero, anything that could excite my imagination…
When I was older, my heroes changed. They had to show the real me. Me from capital M. At least it was what I thought. And yes, you’re right – I’m talking about the first years of being a teenager. My.

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